'American Marxism' Tops New York Times Book Lists


We just got the New York Times information for The book lists that they put out Perfection, nonfiction, hardcover and e books. And a nonfiction hardcover and nonfiction E book. American Marxism was number one wasn't even close. We'll have numbers tomorrow and I will give them to you. You want to know why this is you? When I started talking about this three months ago, and it seems like three years ago I told you if we can get pre orders up to 100,000. I felt confident that there was a movement afoot. A budding movement. We far exceeded that we doubled it. And slightly more. And I'm gonna tell you why. Because you're not going to give up on this country. You want your kids to learn science and math. Literature. In English. You want your kids? To be prepared for the future. Not little fanatical revolutionaries brainwashed against their family against their faith and against their country. And you're not going to put up with it anymore.

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