From the UK, a Glimpse of Canadas Future

The Big Story


Jordan heath rawlings. This is the big story ebony. Renee baker is a freelance canadian journalist. Living luckily for her she in london. England ebony rene joined in how you doing. I'm doing okay. But i bet given the news. I'm seeing coming out of london that you were doing better. Yeah i constantly. I'm feeling a bit ask. What's the word guilty. When i talked to my canadian friends and family because we definitely somehow at the beginning of the pandemic we were not in the best place but somehow we have ended up where we are actually going out and kind of enjoying life right now. So it's been good. Well that's what we're talking to you about today. Because i feel like we're about six weeks or so behind you so the real thing that i i wanna know is just. What's the first thing that you did upon a lockdown lifting. I mean the thing is. It's been such a and it's been the same in canada as well. Such a staggered approach to lockdown lifting don. I'm kind of like when did things open again. Like it was kind of like one role in lockdown. But i guess as of march things started to reopen slowly but surely honestly. I think the first thing i did was. Walk around to find a walk-in stay said an outdoor patio and find a spot. I wasn't really like i wasn't too optimistic. I wasn't booking tables because a lot of people were doing that ahead of the announcement that was meant to be made last month. So i wasn't optimistic and then i kind of credit so the first day things open so that was april twelfth. I found myself and my roommate just walking to find anywhere that would serve me alcohol much more expensive price that i have been drinking at home so i think that was definitely the first thing upon actually finding a place it was just like. Wow have not done this for like what. Maybe six months may be more.

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