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To point out. We are not having much quarantine outside of hotels, but Richard Billingham will join us tow. Find out what Spring Street thought of camera after we get some traffic, ABC Radio Milburn traffic Like dating from the Department of Transport in the cold of Freeway. The left lane blocked inbound between Green Valley Road and Kill Opie. Dr. Has been a collision involving a motorcyclist emergency services. Not yet on the scenes of please most safely and a little closer towards kill Opie. Dr. Take here with a broken down truck stopped in that left lane. On the packet on bypass. It has now reopened city back to continue ride politicking earlier. Seriously. Collision The right line does remain closed while crews complete clearing the incidence of this heavy delays on approach from cool, you're a pride. And the Mighty Ring Road. It's solid grains for bound from Sunshine Avenue around the past of our road, two left lanes are closed there. Just before that you can a tunnel for some emergency roadworks to line to getting through and a big queue coming off the Taliban in freeway outbound as a result, as well. The Belgrave and Lily down lines delays now eating after an earlier incident near East Campbell will listen for announcement and remember a mask is required on public transport. If you notice anything called 1, 300 triple 2774. That's the latest Melvin traffic

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