How to Build Repeatable Revenue for Your Business


One of the best ways. We're all business. Is that customer revenue that has repeatable were customers. Subscribe to your product or service and keep coming back. My next guest is a form for your company to do. Just that troy. Henikoff is managing director of math venture partners additionally choice an active mentor would techstars. He also helps manage. the fire. Started fund teaches entrepreneurship at northwestern. University's kennedy school of business is on the board of the chicago. Land aunt pearl center toy was a co founder and ceo of sure payroll troy. Welcome to the show. Great to be here and air voice. I wish i could say great to see you. But you know that's coming as well you co authored. A new book called levers the framework for building repeatability. Into your business. Why is repeatability so important. Small business well you know we all the four of us who worked on this book together and we all believe that data and metrics driven companies are the companies that win and the reason that they win is that they the data shows you what your customers really want and allows you to do more of that thing that they want and allows you to make your business model repeatable and more importantly scalable. This is all really easy to say but man is difficult to do so troy wide small business owners because i find small business owners. Don't even look at their financial data and that's kind of basic. It is basic as a matter of fact your financial data that most people look at is backwards looking. People should be looking at their income statement and balance sheet every month. And you know coming out of quickbooks or zero or whatever tool they choose but remember. That's up the you of what has happened last month last quarter last year. What we want you to do is use the data to be able to see forward into your business

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