A highlight from 126: They Call Us The Asian Superhero Celebration

They Call Us Bruce


Low and welcome to another edition of they. Call us bruce. An unfiltered conversation about what's happening in asia america including gotham city metropolis faucet. City central city. We know in love. I feel you. And i'm jeff yang and happy api haired mas the month of may. It's a. It's a special celebration time for us. And no better way to celebrate than to unveil some basically cool shit right so we're going to be doing that by inviting somebody Who has created some awfully cool shit in the form of a forthcoming in theology at dc comics. These guys festival. Heroes the asian. American superhero and balaji jessica jan editor dc comics mastermind behind the festival of heroes. Welcome to the podcast. Thank you for coming welcome. Hi guys thanks for having me. It's a great way of kicking off the heritage month for us and not least because this product is so incredible. I have had a little bit of. Shall we say the scenes for knowledge of it had a little bit of a roller. And honestly i nearly wept. My eyes were literally moist as flipping through the pages of this thing. It is truly an achievement beyond. It is a superhuman achievement. Say honestly jeff. You made me wet as you as you can repeatedly told by andrea shea the associate editor on the book. When you turned in the forward i remember very clearly just sitting there reading what you row and just feeling every word of it as they were my own. And so thank you for joining us for fat as well so for people who might not know the festival heroes. The asian superhero celebration is an anthology about. Dc's asian superheroes and there are some. There are actually lot actually. Now that i've read the book i'm like. Oh wow if you didn't figure couldn't figure it out. Jeff has written the introduction. The forward for the book on this is that i found out because publicist reached out to be to promote the book. Asking me if i would like to interview key creatives from the book as well as jeff yang. The who wrote the introduction. Do i want to interview jeff. Yang the course of my podcast. I like wikipedia. That's why found out about just like jeff. Are you doing this thing.

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