A highlight from Golf Wins When Rory Wins, A Joey Day, and A Friendlier Torrey

Fore Play


Four players right barstools sports second show of the week. It is thursday and were back. We do not have large lurch. I believe it's just all over the country right now. Sling and drones. He posted. I think on his instagram story. Just like his schedule so He hasn't responded to tax in terms of scheduling today. I'm on the west coast. Run into the different barstool. Classic so flirts randomly joins the middle of this show. Dowd be great if you don't hear from them that is why Wolf creek tonight so eight. Pm eastern time our video from wolf creek which is a video game course. it is not a real life. Golf course accepted israel. Golf course it exists. It's there it's in the desert. There's crazy winds. We had forty mile an hour winds. I believe that the superintendent assistant superintendent said in there. You know to four or five years. They've been there that it was a top too worst weather day to play wolf creek that they've ever seen so this one is a good one fellows. I played so bad. I'm remembering back now. I'm trying to walk myself through my round plates. So bad just really really terrible golf and it was a tough day i they think they might have even said they called a bottom two day weather wise so it was. But it's it's an incredible golf course. You just said it's a video game golfers you can't believe it actually exists. So people are gonna like cnn for sure. Unfortunately i think for everyone in the world. Not just us. But you're definitely bleeds into your like idea and remembrance of that round and your idea of that course and your your love for that course. I still really loved the views. I think on every single teebox he kind of took your took a step back. And you're like how is this a real place on earth like i just don't understand how there's green grass and they've carved this golf course into these mountains Beside from that like just not a fun. Time to play out there with forty mile an hour winds just like really not fun like nothing about. That was exciting or fun at the actual game out of love to just drive all eighteen holes like with a cart. Just look at it. Like i didn't i didn't need to get beaten down that badly by the wind and just the cold and yeah i do wanna go back one day and just nicer weather and kind of enjoy it more. See look i think everybody feels what you just said to some degree of like when you play really shitty at a place. You don't love that place usually like yeah. You can try to act like this impressive objective. Decider of quality of a place in the architecture. It was cool. If you go there and you just play horrible you will usually have a bad taste here. Mouth man. yeah places like our. It was really sweet. You big yeah. It was okay. It was great. And if it's average place kind of socks just 'cause you play and conversely if you play really well somewhere you are going to get. That course is fantastic. What a great job. Because you have such positive memories. Frank erin hills. It's the greatest course in the world to me. That's right that's right. I do think. Frankie does it to an extreme which is not surprising to anyone that he would but i think like i played really well that day which is rare on those videos. I think it's. I travel show video that i've really played pretty well. And trent finally allowed me to actually have an impact on the team actually needed threat to buy shit for a little bit so that i could then play golf. Because trent the first round is everybody knows was just dominating out there and making all kinds of birdies and eagles and shit so So i have a probably more positive memory. But i think that's common with any group like if somebody plays really well and other people play shitty they're going to have different Takes on the golf course. Also wolf creek is. It's we use the term mickey mouse alah but like it's really not anything you've ever done before like for golf like it's just. I don't know how you played so well at place like that because it's something that you just don't you're not prepared for you can't go to the driving range and prepare for a place like wolf creek. A lot of the shots are just like the drop. Offs are insane so like how are you supposed to know what club to head and your overshooting. Greens or undershoot. It's just it's it's really just a different game. Yeah it it is but it's like it was. It was very interesting in that the ball would bounce and roll and end up in places that you didn't in any way expected we've all been on a t. Where somebody has a drive in your thinking like get over that bunker and it's seventy are short of that bunker go man that was in the whole golf courses like that wolf creek. Where you're you're looking out there. And you're like all right frankie. I think that's a good line. That looks really good and then when it lands everyone in the whole group is like oh. That's that's way out there. What he'll did that. Is that over that rock cliff. Like what's that so it is kind of like that. The whole time So yeah a little bit of. It's just locked. Like just hitting kind of i think that's the line and then you're hitting it pretty straighten get up there and go ahead. It's actually in a pretty good spot so there's a pretty good amount of luck involved outside of play. Well on a golf course like that with forty mile an hour winds and nobody really with us to tell us where to aim right like if you had a caddie that round i think it probably would have saved everybody like six shots. Yeah would have helped a lot especially on the greens greens were. This was when lurched. He's not here but lurch wanted to murder me because i just want giving them pots and he was. He was just continued to miss short pots and was getting very upset about it and the more that he missed them the last likely that we were to give him a pot and then it got the puck lurch would lag one or hit a good shot to like within four feet or so and then the whole group could feel the the tense of like they're not gonna say anything are the and like we're like we're not going to say the roi we and and it's like he's going to have to cut it and then he would admits and it just it was a it was just an interesting round. It was her third round and it was. You know things were getting a little deflated at times.

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