A highlight from Vaccinating America: An MSNBC Town Hall


Us surgeon general vivek murthy health and human services secretary of airbus sarah in the hour we will be joined by one. Knows the heroes of the pandemic. Dr keith nikki. Corvette an immunologist at the national institute of hell for help create the backseat job. One for the administration is to get lifesaving vaccines into the arms of as many people as possible to stop the raging corona virus that has killed five hundred eighty thousand people in this country. As of tonight. I spoke with president biden about this earlier today at the white house and full disclosure. I worked in the united states. Senate with senator joe biden in the nineteen ninety s. When i served on the staff of new york democratic senator daniel patrick moynihan mr president you met and exceeded your first hundred days goal of one hundred shots in arms. I've got two of them in here. Thank you for the moderna for executing that delivery. What about the next hundred days is vaccinations. Still your number one priority. In the next hundred days. Yes but there's close seconds. We're going to have your been announced in a couple days. We have another fifty million that have been putting arms so we two hundred fifty million and one things that i focused on. When i got elected i said i two overwhelming needs one to get the american public vaccinated and we had an a lot of vaccinators tours as well as vaccine to get six hundred million doses of it. We got that a lot of done and and to get people back to work because you know we lost millions of jobs. Twenty two million. I think is twenty two million jobs and directly related to the vaccine not not to covid nineteen. So what i'm continue to do is making sure we get people back to work and change a circumstance where we get to the far point we have seventy percent of the american public vaccinated goal is by july the fourth and. I think we can do that. We're close to fifty nine percent. Anyone shots so. I think we're getting very close. You're coming up against something we've never seen before in any vaccination program or any public health program which is a partisan resistance to vaccination this is in addition to other hasn't been seized at other populations but there is a partisan resistance and that is among people many of whom fail. What is a basic mental competency tents. Who is the president of the united states. They actually got that question wrong. How are you going to convince them to get the vaccine. I showing up all this stuff about vaccine. Hesitancy truth of the matter is more and more and more people are getting the vaccine. And so i don. I've never believed that. There would be a large percentage of americans who wouldn't get the vaccine. What's the best way we used to do. Local politics hundred years ago. What happens when your neighbor gets vaccine next door neighbor gets it using. Maybe i should get it and when the no matter what your position was when you see people in a position where you can. Easily get the vaccine. You don't have to go way out of your way. that's why you see. I was on doing some meetings with folks who are providing for example and the governor of maine public can't is saying if you wanna get a free hunting license. Come get a vaccine. People are showing up arab. People are showing up across the board. So the idea. I've never believed at the end of the day per be any large percentage of americans who would not get the vaccine. I would question from my telemundo colleague. Vanessa ach who wonders what do you say to people who worry but their immigration status is a reason not to get the vaccine. Oh i say they shouldn't worry they should get the vaccine the vaccine

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