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Settlement from the city. And this from ws y x W T. T e his brother Alvin Williams. Every soldier doesn't make it do battle. But the thing is, they paved the way for everybody else to have freedom. This is AP News. To North Carolina men after decades in prison will split a multimillion dollar settlement with the two deputies who helped put them behind bars. Hippies Mike Rossia has more to intellectually disabled Half brothers who spent decades behind bars in North Carolina after being wrongfully convicted in the 1983 killing of an 11 year old girl will split a $9 million settlement. Lawyers representing former ropes in county sheriff's deputies James Locklear and Kenneth Seeley agreed in federal court to the settlement with Henry McCollum. And Leon Brown County attorney Rob Davis told The News and Observer of Raleigh Insurance companies that cover the sheriff's office will pay the settlement. McCollum in Brown were released from prison in 2014 after D N a evidence exonerated them and pointed to a convicted murderer who lived next door to the victim. The settlement ends half of the civil case. Lawyers representing two former North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation agents have not yet settled. I'm Tim McGuire, AP News Thank you for listening to the AP Radio Network. Did you know that you can purchase Prince of a peace photography for your personal or small business Use every day a piece. Photographers capture incredible images from all around the world

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