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Debates. Police reform, A new study finds that court ordered reform agreements can often lead to one thing. Higher crime rates. Violent crime skyrocketed in more than half of the city's that entered into a consent decree, according to the AXIOS Analysis. Los Angeles Top this list it's all violent crime increased 61% after it entered into the program. Albuquerque, New Mexico, saw an increase of 36% up from a 30 year low and Seattle 27% increase faxes Lauren Green, the Justice Department is planning to investigate the police department in Minneapolis, where George Floyd was killed by police and in Louisville, where Briana Taylor was killed. The recent rise in crime in Houston has demonstrators marching city residents are also concerned about the state of relations between police and the community. Attendees are being asked to wear masks for One half of the world hurricane season is revving up today starts the tropical cyclone season for the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific is already seen. One tropical storm this year called Andres. It stayed well south of Baja California Pacific cyclones can sometimes threatened Hawaii or can cause residual torrential rains in the continental US Southwest. Atlantic Hurricanes, more often impact the US directly. The Atlantic season begins June 1st Noah is expected to reveal its Atlantic season outlook between now and then. The other forecast groups predict high levels of activity this summer. In Broward County, Florida, Evan Brown Fox News Moisture is what's desperately needed along the border between California and Oregon. Irrigation channels to farms and wildlife refuges could be entirely cut off as the region deals with its driest year in more than a quarter century. I'm camped yourself. And this is Fox News. Thanks. News is brought to you by discount electronics thunderstorms, some heavy this evening through tomorrow evening. The storms will bring hail and damaging winds Today Mostly cloudy and more human breezy this afternoon with a high of 82. Night overcast with occasional rain and the thunderstorm. Love 68 tomorrow Mostly cloudy and humid with showers and thunderstorms. Breezy in the afternoon in the high of 78. I'm staying McCarthy connect with us at news radio. K l b j dot com Some of the restaurants

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