A highlight from Ep 420 | Why Do I Vote Republican? | Q&A


Relatable another qna episode today. Today we have some less deep questions typically only get through like three kind of deeper theological political questions but today you guys asked me a lot of fun questions. Some serious questions too. So it's still going to be a good use of your time to listen to this episode. But i'll also answers and fun questions that you guys have as always if you love this podcast if it is matt anything to you if it has helped you in any way i would love for you to leave a five star review on apple podcasts. It would mean a lot to us and if you haven't subscribed to my youtube channel already please do that. The video version of these episodes comes out between about five to six central time in a lot of you. I love when you put on your instagram stories. That you have me up on the television while you're cleaning or something like that like you're watching the tv show. I my husband actually had that pulled up the other day. I was coming in from the garage and i was like who's voices that it was mine. I was on the tv. I don't like watching myself. I when i do listen to every podcast episode that they do but i listen to it on two times and i know a lot of you think that i talk so quickly but when i go back to just regular when i listen to it on regular speed i'm like oh my gosh i sound inebriated like i cannot listen to myself on regular speed. I think i sound super slow but depending on your age and depending on your preference you probably think that i talk quickly. It actually is very much by age. That i get that feedback. Typically people that are my age have no problem with how quickly i speak the cadence or the tone or anything. But you'll get older people who my love. By the way i don't i don't mind this critique at all and i don't mind your opinions on this and i love that i have older people that listen to this show who tell me. Hey you talk to quickly or you sound like a molen now you inflect your words and inflect sears sentences. that's true. I don't think it's nearly as strong as some older commenters. Say that it is. Actually when i listened to myself when i listened to other millennials but i do definitely have that classic millennial girl kind of like up suing at the end of sentences. Sometimes i'll work on it but it's so funny that those of you who are my age most of you don't notice it but anyway it's okay guys. This is a millennial show i am squarely millennial was born in one thousand nine hundred which is right in the millennium the middle of millennialism. And so like. I said if you love this podcast even if you think that my inflection at the end of the senators is to millennial for you please. Leave five star review on apple podcasts. That would mean a lot to me all right. Let's get into some of these questions. Backstreet boys are instinct. This is the easiest question that i've ever been asked in my life backstreet boys like that's not even that's not even a question like this is like do i want to be on the right side of history. Wrong side of history. It's obviously the backstreet boys. And i was probably the biggest fan growing up like very intensely into the backstreet boys. I'm talking probably like second to fourth grade or something like that. We're probably the the biggest years for me as far as my backstreet boys fandom never to one of their concerts. I really wasn't allowed to go to concerts. In general but i remember thinking about what i would wear if i did go to a backstreet boys concert and like what i want to look cute. So like they would probably you know like would they. Would they notice me or would i want to wear like a backstreet boys shirt to show that i'm a really big fan. These are the things that eight year old alley would think about. When i was listening to the millennium album in our living room and crying about the fact that maybe i might never meet nick harder like possibility to me was so astounding and so disturbing to my eight year old self that maybe i would never meet the backstreet boys that i was legitimately very sad about it. Loved the backstreet boys. I remember when one of there wasn't actually. I don't remember if it was one of their albums or instinct album. Because i still you know. I liked insane because everyone listening to think but i just wasn't there there number one fan. I think it wasn't instinct album. It said the d. word in it. Of course like back then like you got the cds and the front pamphlet typically had the lyrics in them and my parents of course. My mom would read the lyrics before she decided whether or not i could listen to the cd. Which i appreciate now. I probably didn't thin and i remember. I remember her showing me. That one of the songs says the d. word in it and i was like oh i didn't know that i'm probably like in third grade at this point and so i was. I was also not allowed to listen to christina aguilera. I wasn't allowed to listen to britney spears growing output. I'm i'm sorry. There are a lot of britney spears stands out there. i don't feel like. I miss out on a whole lot. Plus i still knew all the songs disney channel used to have music videos and they would play britney spears which looking back totally inappropriate.

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