The Inside Story: Biotin


Okay. So i still don't have a wealth of clinical data to share. That says taking by it can make your nails and destructible or give you hair like share but there's anecdotal evidence that it may help. Which is why choose selectively recommends by it to her patients. I most commonly recommended in my patients who are struggling with a little bit of hair loss. I started that supplementation at around five thousand micrograms a day because really it can't hurt. Meaning your body can't store too much of it. Yep baton is one of those water soluble. Vitamins you can't really overdue because what your body doesn't use. You urinate in fact. The governing body in charge of establishing nutrition guidelines that be the food and nutrition board at the national academy of sciences was unable to establish upper intake levels for biden. because there's no evidence in humans the by it has negative effects. Even in high doses. But that's not to say by. It is totally benign. Chew points to a statement released by the fda back in two thousand seventeen that says taking a tin can skew certain lab tests leading to diagnose be careful because supplements that contain tin can actually interfere with some lag results including measured levels of certain hormones. Like the thyroid hormone so again. It's really important. If you are on these supplements just to discuss dosing. And what you're doing with your physician or when you're getting your laps taken according to the national institutes of health even a single ten milligram. Dose of biden has interfered with thyroid. Function tests administered within twenty four hours of taking the supplement and on a related. Note if you're taking any prescription medications be sure to check with your doctor before taking by tin to avoid any potentially harmful drug

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