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Tuesday. One year after his death, George Floyd's family members visited the White House as a Biden administration deadline to pass a police reform bill in Floyd's honor came and went. The administration is facing troubling statistics is their crime problem. This country. Well, I would say certainly there is a gun's problem. A red state governor disputes that one thing they like to talk about. It is guns without recognizing that most of the gun crimes occur in inner city situations like in Chicago, Republicans worry about progressive pressure to reimagine funding for police departments. The reasons why the police reform bill in progress is delayed. Aren't clear. Fox's Peter Doocy reports. The bill has been stalled in the evenly divided Senate. President. Biden says he's hopeful there will be an agreement sometime after Memorial Day murder charges against in Idaho mother and her new husband in the deaths of the woman's Children. A grand jury in Fremont County, Idaho, has indicted Lori valued a bell and her husband, Chad, Dave L. With the murder of Lorries to Children, seven year old Joshua and 17 year old highly Ryan. The bodies were found buried on Chad's property on the couple have been in jail on charges of destruction of evidence and hiding the Children's remains for months. Fremont County Prosecutor Lindsay Blake said They have not disclosed what penalties the couple could face by law. However, we must make a decision and informed the defendants on whether we will pursue the death penalty. Within 60 days after the defendant's first entry of a plea. They were also both indicted for conspiracy to kill chance. First wife Tammy and Chad was indicted for killing Tammy Jessica Rosenthal. Fox News Police in Los Angeles have arrested a second suspect in an alleged assault by a pro Palestinian group on Jewish men outside in L. A restaurant last week. Will present the case to the district attorney for consideration of charges including hate crimes.

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