A highlight from Episode 49A JD Rempel Marigold and the Snoring King


Welcome to episode 49 of discovered voicemails. Today I have JD Rumble. She is a children and middle-grade author, she's not a fairy tale and a book about her life in summer camp, fantasized version. So if you have some kids, if you're looking for some good books to read, check out JD's Pub. There are links in the show notes and if you haven't told anyone about the website or I'm sorry about the podcast, please tell people about the podcast. I would like these authors to get out there to get known, that's what they all want. They want their books to be read and that's why I do this. So if you've listened to the podcast, a couple episodes, even just one episode, tell others about it, Point them to the website. Let them find authors and books, that they would enjoy. And also, next episode is episode 50, which is a big nice round celebratory number. So I've got a few spec show episodes coming up for fifty and Beyond. So you want to check those out again. Check out the authors, check out the website, see what other books are out there. And if you've listened to us, please give us a ray. Give us a review, it'll help us be found by others to find these authors and their new books. So, here's JD Well Judy, welcome to today's episode of discover Wordsmith. How are you doing? I'm doing well, thank you for having me great, I'm glad to have you on. Let's, let's before we talk about your books, tell us a little bit about you. What you like to do outside of writing a little bit about where you live, things like that. Okay. Well I live in the San Francisco Bay Area home. So I've lived in Northern California, my whole life I've been married for twenty-eight years, we don't have any children except to Turtle. Wow! How long have you had the turtle? We've had his name's applesauce and we've had him for about three years. Oh, okay. I found him in my pool. So that's a long story in itself, but he was meant for me. Nice, good. So, what was your other question? So what are some things you like to do outside of writing other Hobbies or things? I'm going to be honest here and say I watch a lot of T. I really like watching, I'm an anglophile and so I just love anything British. So if I can, they have like a lot of streaming channels for the bumper to shows and so that's usually what I'm watching. So like you have ripped box subscription, I've been trying to write more so I let my britbox go for a little while back up, reward myself. After my books done, get it back and get your sorry in a corner. Yeah. So what's off? If they don't make it anymore, but I like watching reruns is Inspector Lewis. Okay, I also really like Vera and heard of that one over there is really good. It's, I'm trying to remember who the author is though, as she writes all the books and then they made it into a TV series, she also has another one called Shetland and they're just very, they're very good life. What I like a beer about Vera is she's a lot. Like she's like a woman Colombo. Nice. Yeah, I always love Columbo. Yeah. So she's that kind of, she's an older lady and what she's really smart. And she she calls everybody like loves her pet so it's kind of cute. Nice. Okay, so what made you finally want to start writing? I'd have to say it was for some reason. I just got this story in my head, we were going through something in our family and I just, I just wanted my nephew to know how much he was loved. So, I wanted to write a story about about how much he was loved. I actually haven't published that book, but I'm hoping to someday. Okay, but that was the beginning of everything for me was just, you know, just wanting to. Yeah, sorry. No. No, that's fine. And so you wrote was that the first book? You wrote the one you wanted to be for your nephew. Yeah, I wrote it right away but I'm still editing it. It's not often. I don't think it's right yet. So I'm still editing that and I think a lot of times when I'm going through hard stuff I it's like I get a new story that helps me. I mean that's I had some other personal stuff going on and I I felt like God gave me this story and I was just like I could I could get some healing out of it. And that one's not finished either. I think it's because both of them are so personal, right? That's, and I get that to the the shiny squirrel that you want to jump. And go, I got this great idea, dead.

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