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Segment here in a moment if we start when we have to take a break. So again. Let's identify ourselves as Harvey had and Chuck case, But I chose just football report every Saturday night reminded Ted P. M about to solve by the South Florida delicacy No in Las Vegas. So bad and again, I want to mention all of you that might have missed this. It might be on interstate 15 right now, or plenty of being on it in the very near future, and about 20 miles south of Las Vegas on exit 12. Terrible road out this place for you to stop to fill up with gas white pull off. Vegas or somewhere else, but really, actually slowed you down. Pull off. It's terrible road out. They got 96 fuel pump. They've got 60 spotless restrooms. They got an electrical charging system there for your car. They got a dog yard for your dogs run around and have a little friend fun with friends they have or meat. Also inside that convenience store. They've got someone there to take care of you. They've got something for everyone. One stop and you get it all at terrible's

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