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That's disrupted and now will carry a is able to lob it into the park corner in the Avalon champ. Here comes Kalma car near side circle right up the wall That's taps head the other way. Taken over by Nathan MacKinnon. He turns and fires it down low in the Vegas zone, stopped by Fleury behind his net again. Fleury hesitating now Hands it off for Alec Martinez as you mentioned in Game five. Peter, it's always an adventure. Speaking of which, Where's Riley Smith forces the parking on Philipp Grubauer. He'll cover it up and get a whistle. This isn't exactly clamped down early on miss it. Absolutely not. I mean the defenseman Martinez jumping up into the play corner. It was and it really interesting player play. Stone was checking Gerard and you know what? Gerard makes those quick terms? Yep. Stone left them alone in the in the defensive zone and came back into the neutral zone and said, You know what? I'm not going to get myself pot trying to chase Girardeau. That's how much respect your art hospitals moves and he makes a stone, one of the best defenseman defensive forwards in the NHL, said Nope. It's not gonna happen. Silky nominee, Mark Stone, first ever captain of the Vegas Golden Knights. But despite the criticism of him over the years of not being a great skater, he sure puts the work into it to be one of the best defensive forwards in the game. And because you're not the investigator, if you're going to be as good as he is, you have to be so smart. It is almost ridiculous. Absolutely. Here's Nicholas why he had an assist on the Nick Holden goal early on, will pop free Tyson Joe's Is there Wa goes down to the icy and mark now behind the Net for Alex talk things, thereby Andrei Biryukov ski nine goals. In 13 elimination games. Murkowski Turner on try from Tuck and Grubauer denies him again. Here's Josta Cross the Red Line, he'll dump and Logan O'Connor will chase same line up by the way as a couple nights ago. As has left along the wall. Alex New Hook. What a beautiful assist. He honest Donskoy will force the puck cleared out to center Sam Gerard. He stutter step right up the middle for Donskoi scored in his only shot in Game number five off the boards. Drive from Timmins Save Made by flurries. Connor Timmins, still in search of his first goal in the NHL three new Hook has it nice reach new hook across the blue line couldn't hang onto it. Place stays on side and now Donskoy. Got in a jam down the far Wall. Vegas will drive the right side. Beg your pardon. Left side of the ice and Ryan raves back into the lineup for Patrick Brown will take it short of center. It's going to be icing on the Golden Knights icing presented by engaged by Hyde Park, located in the Cherry Creek shopping Center. What makes us different is everything. Right off the bat. A couple of defenseman kind of getting the goals to start this game stage on a beautiful read coming down the left side and then Nick Holden and he gets a big goal for Vegas to just sort of settle things back down. But then Martinez has the quick break all kinds of really strange things early in the last game, Vegas at 25 shots only 11 of those by forest. Here's a shot rebound is right there swinging a miss thrown back in front. Puck is still free. Where is it? It's behind the net now in the corner. Nobody, including Marc Andre Fleury. And yours truly knew where the puck was. Nathan MacKinnon hasn't taken away the Vegas line here in the golden the other way, Backhand centering pass from Max Patch ready has broken up chance out in front poked away by Philipp Grubauer ranting and chasing up the bar. Half all Pietrangelo over for Martinez on the posting out didn't go in. Did not go in what to look for Tran Jawa for Martinez. This shot from the point tipped in front stone to the far corner. Dave's picks it up, and he'll go up and out ranting and available. Bouncing Puck settled down by Chandler, Stephenson and Al Martinez will slap it around, never made it deep, fell and hit him a car out high. Now, Devante, who has the goal for the Avalanche, will camp out behind his own net fun hockey game so far. Becomes Landeskog down the right wing Landeskog holding shooting that's blocked out Highland Scott gets his own rebound up to the near side hash marks. He threw everybody broken up by Smith Nemeth off the wall and will send it around off the wall Landeskog into the zone near side Circle, Landeskog holding shooting again. It's blocked crashing in the long is J T. Compher Vegas will try the left side kept him by Nemeth. Got his first point of the playoffs in Game number five. Houston Outfront intercepted by Smith to skin good work to steer the puck back Nimitz Farpoint towards the cage. Tipped on by Landis Cox made by Fleury to the near side point. Gerard keeps it alive sends it Down. The board stopped buying in Houston behind the Net. Com for Waiting, JT Comfort now Purnima Big drive save made by Fleury right in the colour bone. He'll hang on, and we have some pushing and shoving in front shoes can involved Compher involved. And guess who. Jonathan Marsha's self not exactly a peacemaker when he's on the ice. As we believe should take a time out. We do. There is no media like that. We can see here. T Mobile arena feel like they should install one. But we don't have an extra light here in Vegas. Seriously, I'll just go out to the strip on bringing 1 13 57 to go in the 1st 11 in Game six. You're listening to the Stanley Cup playoffs. On the altitude radio network.

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