What In the Heights Melissa Barrera Learned by Playing an Iconic Character

Latina to Latina


The first time. I spoke with melissa bed. She was getting a lot of buzz for her role in either and i walked away from that interview. Certain that melissa star was only going to rise. And that one day i'd be able to say at interviewed a mega talent when she was still sharing an apartment with a roommate and doing self taped auditions in a corner. That day has arrived sooner than i'd imagined. Melissa is no sparkling on the big screen as vanessa in in the heights. A role that has taken. Melissa backed her musical theater roots and forced her. Summon the confidence that is. Owed a login triple threat melissa. I am so excited to see you again. Oh my gosh you remember that coroner where selves our that is crazy. It's doing a half years two and a half years. Okay okay link of an ira legit. I loved in the heights. I watched it two times back to back. I did all cried sheets of fears so fine. But let's start at the beginning. Tell me about your audition for the film. The first time. That auditioned for the movie. I had just booked vina. I went back to mexico city after shooting the pilot to get my visa stopped at the consulate and to close out my apartment in mexico city to tackle stuff because i was like definitely now moving to la. And i got the self state requests while. I was in mexico city and i freaked out because i was like. Who's going to help me do this software in english. Who's going to help me play the piano for me. How i had a couple of my friends come and they helped with the scenes. And then i had our orchestra director for when i did young frankenstein in mexico helped me with the piano and i must have sang in. Won't be long now Like seventy times. Because i just hated it.

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