Selling Your Business Is Simpler Than You Think

The EcomCrew


Allegedly. Welcome to the podcast. Thank you mike. I'm happy to be europe. It's great to finally get to talk to you types. You all this hype here. And he remember we've talked quite a bit through email and also in the webinars but this is the first one. I think i've heard your voice. Oh okay actually met once and dewey. Yeah where was that are we. Sarah scott volkers. He had a couple years ago. You forgot it was like brand accelerator live. That was a great event. And i apologize. I mean i end up back in the days. When we had events i would meet to three hundred people you know at one time. It's hard to keep everybody straight and so correct. But i'm glad that we got a chance to to meet then and now i've done the know your snell if we met i would really remember you. You've been an awesome addition to the community and it's cool. I think that whenever we start a business we don't think about necessarily like. I want to sell it one day but ultimately i guess that is the goal at the end the day. If you really think about it you don't start it to just eventually folded or close it or give up on any of those things. I think the ultimate goal is to sell it. And you've reached that part of the journey. So i think that it will be cold to go back and kind of chronologically talk about and talk about the shell when we get to that point so. I'm looking forward to doing that. Yeah so i always ask this. I mean like how did you get. Starting e commerce whole thing it started is a great story. I think i started when i'm sixty one years old. I just kinda looked at what we had saved. My husband. And i and i went. You know. i think we're not gonna have enough one or die starting ecommerce business and at that time the amazing selling machine was opening. Its doors and i just jumped in and went okay. I can learn anything. I'll give it a try and reinvent myself. So that's what i did. I i had no idea I was ever going to really make any major dollars. I thought what i was gonna do and hopefully was maybe three or four thousand dollars profit every month to our bottom line and that would be great. But i reached cycle and four

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