A highlight from #353: Chris Bosh: Making Your Inner Voice Your Ally


I believed probably subconsciously that you needed to be pretty selfish. Maybe even unremittingly selfish to make it but afterlife delivered me repeated beat downs. I finally got the message that sometimes. What's best for me is to focus on the greater good on the team. You might call that enlightened self interest for the record. I'm not perfect at this. My selfish tendencies can still creep back into the picture. My guest today has also learned a similar lesson. The hard way. I'll be honest and admit that i'm not a sports fan so i had no idea who this dude was but chris bosh i now know is a genuinely big deal. He's an eleven time. Nba all star and olympic gold medalist. And he was just recently right after this interview in fact inducted into the basketball hall of fame. He says his proudest moments as a player came from defeating his own ego. And you're going to hear him talk about how he learned to do this and how you can too. You're also going to hear him talk about something that anybody who's ever been born needs to learn how to do given that we live in a universe where impermanent is a non-negotiable fact letting go back in two thousand and sixteen. Chris nearly died from a blood. Clotting illness that sidelined him he then spent the next couple of years trying to make his way back into the nba before he finally retired in two thousand and nineteen. He's just written a new book in which he tells his story and compiled some of his hard won wisdom. It's called letters to a young athlete. But you do not have to be an athlete to benefit. This is really for anybody who's interested in excellence in this conversation chris. I talk about the difficult process of letting go of something. You love the ins and outs of his own journey with his own ego both during and after his playing career. How to set aside your inner chatter in order to be present and perform at your best and how to play every game. Whatever that might mean to you like. It's your last before we dive in a big announcement genuinely big announcement. While chris bosh may be more than a foot taller than me and well he may have to more nba championship rings. Than i happen to have one thing we do have in common is that we have both struggled with anxiety and i know that we are not alone in this anxiety has spiked during the pandemic and now that we are here in the us. At least starting to reestablish some semblance of normalcy there are all sorts of reentry fears that people are facing including social anxiety. Which is why. I wanted to let you know about a special series of episodes. We're going to be launching next week. Right here. On the podcast. We're calling the series taming anxiety it's gonna feature interviews with top anxiety researchers and one dynamite meditation teacher. Who's gonna talk a lot about how to use meditation to work with your anxiety to kick things off on monday. We're going to be dropping a very raw very conversation with the singer. Songwriter actor and producer. Sarah barillas who has struggled with anxiety for much of her life and as is our want here in.

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