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And Lot to the left wing corner, No score. We played just about six minutes in the middle period. In Tampa and the puck back to neutralize and Brayden point point. Turned it over Pavilion walking in a backhand. Steve a Celeski. Full of turnovers by the lightning. In this period, Islanders call the crossbar on one of the best Celeski just turned away, Bobillier. We're just talking about just those little things that make a difference. And you know lots of times when you reference year to year. There's a 20 to 25% roster change in most times, but that's not the case with these two teams. These two teams have had a court together for a long time. And actually had core players back in the lineup that they didn't have a season ago. So when you talk about Game six a year ago, talk about Game one. It's relevant because the rosters are basically the same. Tampa Bay with 18 players back that were part of that series. Last year. The Islanders with 19. Josh Bailey, talking about leading into the series feels the Islanders have some unfinished business. Here's Gord makes his way down the left wing for Tampa into the circle of shot kicked out by the left hand of martial by Varlamov. Pretty good chance for gored. Now down the left wing Paul Mario Claritin for

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