Superman & Rick and Morty Come to Fortnite


Fortnight's newest season is here and it's bringing some serious star power to its new battle pass for shopping season. Seven for nine players will get their own customizable in keeping with the theme of the season as well superman in rick sanchez. from rick. And morty fortunately the season seven battle pass only has only. Has the rick half of the adult. Swim shows. Dynamic in dysfunctional duo. So we'll have to wait and see if he makes his way to four nine at some point during the season on the other side. The dc universe is that many characters venture to the fortnight island before including a whole batman spin off comic. But this is the man of steel's first appearance now. I'm sad that greg here. Because i know greg miller is pooping his pants right now. He's he's on the plane he no. I don't know when this news came out. He might have already been in the air on. Its way to la by this news of so sorry to that plane because he had the senses and boom. It all happened there but kevin as somebody who loves for. How does this strike you. Get you d like this. I am so excited like this. Looks like they're doing a bunch of crazy things. We're gonna get some weird weapons. I'm i'm buying rick. I'm buying superman like without a doubt. I am so excited for this. I'm not a big fan of the superman design but it right like math. You know what i mean like. Get my money. they did it. Look at the way he's dropping in on on. I love the me impose. Oh my god. I hate to be flying that way

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