A highlight from Episode 502: Will No Contact Work After Multiple Breakups?


Have you been living by our slogan. We don't react. We go into no contact. I certainly hope so and you to would like to join. The no contact army is very easy. All you have to do is hit the subscribe button and the bell notification. And you're in and if you would like to read the no contact army manual goto. No contact secrets dot com. Where you can read to free chapters before purchasing the book. The link is below this week. I wanna talk about whether no contact will work after multiple breakup. This is one of the questions that i get a lot along with. The question that people want to know is whether no contact will work if they didn't start doing it right away. After the break-up and of course my answer is always a sarcastic. One or at least the answer i wanna give and that is well. Do you have a choice. I mean what else are you gonna do. You can't keep contacting them because eventually they'll block on everything and maybe report you for harassment. So you really have no choice you. What want to know is will it work. Well it really depends on the situation so as usual. I have an email here from someone who did finally do no contact after multiple breakup. There's a little twist at the end. Saw go through the email. Read it. And then i will respond to the question and be sure to listen to the end of the video. Because i'm going to let you know how to win a free coaching session from me. Okay she says and twenty twenty. My wife and i started breaking up here and there. I would always reach out for something that i left over there or find any reason to make contact. I was listening to your podcast but not following the rules. What else do you guys want to make it hard on yourself. Go ahead people say oh you know i was listening to you. But i didn't believe it. And then they had to learn the hard way that they finally saw what they were doing continuing to reach out. It wasn't working. I'm trying to save you time and energy. I'm telling you what works. I'm telling you it doesn't work. You don't want to believe me. Okay you want to learn the hard way. It's your life nurse. I'm trying to guilt you into finally doing no contact okay. So she says. I finally gave up trying to save the relationship so when he left the last time i let him go and went into no contact far away. I completely changed as a person. I wasn't focusing on him but using no contact to focus on myself hit the gym. Read some books. Focus on me and my life. So why is it that most people hit the gym. After the break-up they read the books after the break-up how about y'all workout during the break-up or during the relationship okay like why are you waiting. Until after the break-up just an observation i had grown and created boundaries for myself. Sorry a few weeks ago. He reached out and went a little crazy calling and texting and begging. We love that now. Don't we the sad thing is when i agree to see him. I felt absolutely nothing. The power of no contact when you start focusing on yourself. Someone who isn't treating you right. Suddenly loses their appeal. It's like wait a minute. I'm so focused on myself. I'm so happy. Why would i wanna be with you. You kept breaking up with me. And she continues. I had grown and created boundaries for myself. That's right and what. I wanted to partner. My issue with him was the lack of commitment and not following through so she did send a picture of the two of them. And let's see how nicely. She's very beautiful. He's not quite on her level in my eyes. Okay that's just my opinion so it's crazy to me that he would not want a commitment with this girl at work follow through. But that's what happens continuing on. When i met up with him i had already made plans to go to mexico with another guy nice. He begged me not to go. I love it that you told them you were going to mexico with another guy. I love it. But i wasn't going to allow him to dictate my life with broken promises. Exactly thank god. You did this. Thank god so.

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