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Registered and licensed dietitian. And i'm in studio today with brittany vincent who is also a registered and licensed dietitian. Today we are going to spend the next hour sharing some different information. We don't typically focus as much on the information today as we do. Well today we're gonna be talking about men's helm and we usually more do more general or maybe a little bit more female focus so today we're gonna be talking about men's health and how their diet affects their health. In this hour we will focus on heart. Health prostate health fertility and on men's mental health especially depression. We plan this to be an action packed and her. Maybe not action packed information. Please tell it is kind of a show So we hope you enjoy it. good morning. it's interesting the learn that men lead in eight of the top causes the death in the us but oftentimes men are a little more reluctant to seek out. Medical care get psychological counseling or you'll make an appointment with one of us for nutrition counseling right. We were just talking about that that the vast majority of our clients are female. Yeah and that's kind of fun when you get something you know. It is also. I hope this inspires more men to to seek help out right right and you know what like even just seeking of that. I think well maybe we'll get into that it later in the show. Some more interesting facts about men is that men abuse alcohol in drugs three times more frequently than women and they can make ninety percent of all violent crimes. They also have a much higher rate of suicide than women when we will look at other health conditions. We find that heart disease. It's the number one killer of men so today we definitely wanna talk about how food and beverage choices affect heart disease and i think you know that is one of the main reasons why will come in to see us is. They're concerned about the heart health in right and their cholesterol numbers. And so let's start with alcohol. Everybody's changing dial. Yes so there are. There are some research out there that indicates that one small glass of red wine with dinner may be beneficial but we definitely know. An excess of alcohol is actually a stressor in can lead to depression poor sleep. I mean the list goes on and on and so one. Four five ounce serving of red wine could be heart healthy but drinking more that is actually very detrimental to your health. Hard liquor and beer also can be very inflammatory for the body and if you're looking for the benefits of resveratrol in wine we actually men just supplementing with it right instead of of drinking the wine right because you have to drink so much to get that benefit on a fit and as supplement will contain fifty two hundred units more reservoir than a glass of wine. So you know. It's just much more efficient way to get it and for those that not familiar with what reservoir. Trial is it is it's called a polyphenol which is like a group of compounds. Acts like an antioxidant. all right. so it's basically an antioxidant is how you can think about it and specifically very beneficial for our heart right. Okay well if you have some common risk factors for heart disease you know. Some of the risk factors are high blood pressure. Prediabetes type two diabetes or high cholesterol. We suggest cutting out alcohol for six weeks and then having your doctor recheck your blood pressure your blood glucose numbers and your cholesterol numbers. And i'm sure you after even just six weeks that you'll see an improvement with just that little change. Sometimes people see dramatic results. And i say little changed sort of love because it's not such a little change for some people because we know how difficult changing this habit can be especially because it's been a habit that's been really ingrained over the last year you know really so many people talk about how much more alcohol they've been drinking since covid and So so it is a. It is a difficult habit to change. And sometimes when we're talking about changing behaviors it's easier instead of just cut out of behavior. It's easier to exchange behavior right so instead of having. Maybe you come home and you have a cocktail after work or maybe just come downstairs and have a after wherever you work one of my clients what he said he liked to do was have clubs soda with some bitter in it and that felt like a cocktail because it wasn't sweet. It's still had that sort of Edge you know that maybe alcohol has a little bit. And then i think it's

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