Like the government like memphis yet. Some battles with market assault didn't work out your plus new york. You just might be one of those guys that doesn't have the right temperament to be is based on what we've seen a memphis in new york might be better suited for these ranks but if he succeeds in l. a. I think he'll get another chance right. Maybe i think the point being though that if you as an organization have identified a guy instead he we believe in him then. Okay then believe in him. Stick with them and make sure you've given them enough tools to succeed Is it a pulling the plug at the first sign of of struggle and that's what happens in the nba. too often. is that seems panic. You know the fans turn. There's some minor flare up. Oh the coach and player got into it. Whatever it may good teams that can happen on as well. And it's it's just. It's the way franchises. React so you have to know whether or not the guy is is is right and then stick with them. And so yeah. Let's jomo's should get a nice long here. She got a ton of latitude in orlando given where they are as an organization given the state of that roster. Yeah i agree. Howard enjoy milwaukee looking forward to hearing the conversation with the lazarus on friday. You can check podcast. Right here on the crossover feet again. Make sure you listen to howard's interview. Spencer dinwiddie from last week. It was really really strong. Enjoy -joy the mid west our. We'll talk when you're back on the northeast always a pleasure. My friend the newest player in the pre nba basketball landscape is overtime. Elite elite will begin playing sometime in the fall. And we'll be headlined by some of the top now. Former high school players in the country players would be paid minimum one hundred thousand dollars with some making north of that and have access to high level facilities training as well as educational programs to help. Get a better grasp on that. I'm joined by brandon williams the head of basketball operations for overtime. Elite and kevin ollie the former. Nba guard uconn. Coach was the head coach and director of player development bread. And i want to start here with you. Just kind of give me the ten thousand foot view overtime elite. What are the objectives. What what what was behind the formation of this league. I think any of us. Chris who've been around for a long time i've actually seen Sort of the downside of young players who entered into professional ranks to this point. It's been the nba Who are not ready. And so what does that mean you know not not ready to form and be stars or is it just not ready to be great teammates or is it not ready to be good partners. is sort of all that you know the idea that the work day is much longer than they know. And that there's more responsibility to be in a professional athlete The responsibilities to families and communities we just have to do a better job preparing them and here was an opportunity to be part of a program that wanted to address all that. It's not just about being a good player. It's like we wanna address the whole athlete. Hope so on. Three levels were hitting basketball. Easiest thing understand. I think businesses in our world is education And then there's brand you know. These young people now are moving at a speed that we aren't as older folks and they want to build things An earlier age particularly off the court so building a brand is important something that can last well beyond their tread on tire so we're hitting it in basketball business brand. That's that's that's really thirty thousand foot view. Kevin what attracted you to this job. Just like his dad is the whole person being able coach them from a mind body and soul Experience and

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