Plane Crash in Eastern DR Congo Kills 3


First item in the news is a crash akin opera l. Four ten at bukavu our book book. Bukavu i think on june sixteenth twenty twenty one loss tight after departure due to a load shift. This is from. Simon rats keys Wonderful of va aviation herald website of web now herald dot com okay Probably easier just to say okay. Yeah can't now now. I think about it Kanowa let l. e. t. l. for ten registration. Nine sierra gulf road. Julia performing flight. From the cavu to sean bunda and the democratic republic of congo with one passenger and two crew and one point six tons of sheet metal crashed about thirty six seconds after take-off from kabul mom. Aerodrome at about you have to say like eleven fifteen Which is nine fifteen. All three occupants perished in the crash. The aircraft has been destroyed. No i was just at the spilling their yeah not not could spilling. But that's okay. We know they may. Yes in the evening Dr congo's ministry of transport released a statement. Reporting airplane departed bukavu with three occupants at one point six tons of cargo about three minutes after takeoff at about eleven fifteen local. The aircraft began deviating from his initial trajectory and impacted the ground an investigation investigations being set up on june. Seventeen twenty twenty one. The airline reported that the airplane was involved in the crash. Nine sierra gulf romeo juliet the aircraft carried fifteen hundred kilograms of iron ruth roof sheeting preliminary information suggests a load shift caused the aircraft of pitch up less than thirty seconds after takeoff and to enter a full aerodynamic stall

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