A highlight from The Prime Directive: the good, the bad & everything in between!


On your sensors are correct. Do not adjust your heading. You've discovered the omega particle screaming to the alpha quadrant in beyond beyond. Here's your host. The anchorman of the federation the doctor of lithium. This is jonathan weekend. Hello and welcome to the mega part. Climb your ratios and humbled hosts john weekend. The anchorman of the federation the criminal. Creme no moronic episode reviews in this podcast. No we're going to be dealing with the prime directives today. Gosh instead of philosophical question and debate we're going to be into but also it's a feels like it's philosophy one class. 'cause it's like what's more what's not has dealt with. This has argued this in some way shape or form and today be giving pretty background on the prime directive for those of you roll into the don't know and then also kind of argument for and against and then this humble federation anchorman is gonna give his opinion How maybe we can do it. Better build back better. Maybe maybe we can do better but before we get to meet of that podcast today Look quick notes Star trek for is actually coming back into theaters. And it's been remastered and four k remember star trek for. That's the double dumb ass on. You won it celebrating. Its thirty fifth anniversary. It's going to be premiering. Thursday august nineteenth in sunday august twenty seconds. So check that out. I'm excited for. I've never seen any of the star trek in a theater before i'm talking the oji ones like the first six hands. I'm definitely going probably alone. My wife is not super keen. Sirmium should come with the. I dunno. it's gonna be a lot of fun so check that out also Today we found out that the second season of lower taxes coming in august. So i'm super pump for that. Because the first season i loved it so much and the second season is coming. So it's gonna be great and we got a couple of look. There's a teaser trailers. we've got some looks of some new uniforms. Maybe like alien species of we really don't touch on that much. So let's not waiting for the lengths to get right into the prime directive. Alright luna let's roll in fun will now commence so before we get into the debate of whether the prime directive is good ban this is good reminder of exactly what the directive is and when it calls for so the prime directive is of course known as starfleet general order number one quote unquote the non interference directive and. It's probably one of the most cornerstone. I wouldn't even say it's the cornerstone of all star trek like policy when its dealing without in space. It's the number one rule and you don't break that's pretty much what it's been preached. Add to all the golden ages of star trek so it's a non interference with other cultures and civilizations and its core was philosophical concept that covered personnel that they should refrain from interfering in a natural unassisted development of societies even if the interference was well intentioned. And we'll get into that. Because i mean we've all seen these episodes were the entire societies breaking down or it's going to be polished what you do and now that we know what it is. Where did it come from a federation council or is an adopted creed like the federation created when it was made and

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