Healing Hormone Imbalance (Without Hormone Replacement) With Dr. Deb Matthew

Break The Rules


After matthew. I'm excited to have you on this day. In if you put it was a little bit of background about you are and what got you doing the work. You're doing sure thanks for having me. It's great to be here when i first graduated from medical school. I actually trained as a pediatrician. And i was perfectly happy thinking that i knew everything you know. They taught me everything. I needed a medical school in my own personal life. I didn't feel good. I was exhausted like the most important task of my day was to find a way to have a nap nan. I was irritable. I was flying off the handle at my kids. My poor is the one that bore the brunt of my wicked witch of the west impersonation. He just really honestly didn't know what to do with me. Half the time. And i knew that something was wrong like i knew that how i felt wasn't normal but nothing in my medical training helped me to really understand what was wrong with me. I wasn't depressed but yet something was wrong. And as my husband came across a book that was written by suzanne somers and it was called the sexy years and when he kind of flipped through that book he saw all kinds of things that reminded him of me and he brought the book home and my first reaction was like. You've got to be kidding me. Suzanne somers like christy snow thigh master. But i knew that we had a problem. It was affecting our marriage. It was affecting my kids. It was affecting my job at work and so i read the book and i gotta tell you that book has completely changed my entire life because when i read the stories of the women in the book who were just like me and how much better. They felt when they got their hormones back in balanced. It really allowed me to open my mind and allowed me to find that there were places that i could go to learn this whole new approach to health and wellness that i didn't even know existed and so as a result i was able to get my energy back. Mccain's got their mom back. My husband got his wife back. I got my life back. But i could not go back to what i was doing before just spending my whole day. Writing prescriptions because most of the time those prescriptions are of just putting a band aid on your symptoms. They're not really getting to the root cause of the problem and making people well.

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