Disney Introduces Revamped Jungle Cruise Ride, Without Racist Imagery


A few days before Disneyland July 17th 1955 opening celebration. TV viewers. Glimpse the park and its attractions. A special episode of the weekly Disneyland TV show on ABC. The Wonderful World, which was often times essentially an infomercial for the park about the pre opening report from Disneyland, a fascinating historical record that today lives on the company's Disney plus Screaming service, and it included a look at the mechanical hippos and crocodiles of the parks. Jungle cruise ride, as well as the plaster molding of a black male model whose quote imposing physique was used to People our jungle cruise with like life natives as white men in formal attire looked on. Yeah. Today. We cringe. At this scene for a ride that went on to develop a reputation for racist depictions of indigenous people as tourist attractions, Attackers or cannibals. Tribal caricatures crafted through Colonial lens. It's a distinction that Disney could no longer afford. So Ahead of the July 30th release of Jungle Cruise movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. The ride reopened on Friday. Day shy of the parks. 66 anniversary with updates that removed in Disney's words Negative depictions of native people.

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