Pelosi Defends Decision to Reject 2 GOP Lawmakers for Jan. 6 Committee


Nancy pelosi put an end to the republican effort to disrupt the work of the select committee on january six. Today there's new reporting the speakers adding even more republicans to the already bipartisan investigation. Many hossan and katie hill are here to talk about at all next. You had hundreds of thousands of people i would venture to say. I think it was the largest crowd. I've ever spoken before. It went from that point which is almost at the white house to beyond the washington monument. It was an an wide and But if you could win was a loving crowd too by the way there was a lot of love. I've heard that from everybody. Many many people told me that was a loving gra correspond with president. Donald trump talking to washington post reporters carolina and philip rucker about the loving crowd at the january. Six rally. just before the insurrection. Now more than five hundred people from the said loving crowd who marched the capital and started a riot have been arrested as a massive investigation into what happened. That day continues the house. Select committee is now moving forward. Today speaker pelosi defended her decision to continue without any of the five republicans picked by house. Minority leader kevin mccarthy after she vetoed two of them and he pulled the three. Select committee is bipartisan. And it has a and it will do. The job it sets out to do. Is my responsibility as speaker of the house. To make sure we get to the truth on this and we will not let their antics stand in the way of that. One republican liz cheney wyoming remains on the committee. They're reportedly been discussions about speaker. Pelosi potentially adding others like congressman adam anger of illinois.

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