Peloton Making Its Own Fitness Video Game

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Listeners. It's brought molina here. And i'm mike schneider and welcome back to talking. Tech fitness giant. Peleton wants to turn your workouts into a game. Yes that's right. Mike peleton revealed its first endeavor called lane break. It's a rhythm based game for its bike and bike plus models. David tackles the company's senior director of product of product management said in a statement posted a peleton's website that the game requires players to match or sustain their cadence or resistance during a workout to get the highest possible score now bike. Riders can control their cadence with their legs speed and switch lanes by turning the resistance. Knob on their bikes. They'll also face multiple obstacles which are all synchronized to the beat of the music. They're listening to Tackle cities excited at the prospect of games helping the fitness space appeal to a wider audience. Of course it shouldn't be too surprising because we've seen a lot of big companies lately seem to dip their toes into the gaming space Amazon is about to launch a new open world. Online game called new world later this year. Meanwhile google continues work on. Its stadia cloud gaming platform and of course as we mentioned in yesterday's talking tech episode netflix hired a video game veteran from electronic arts which has fueled speculation the streaming giant might also make a play for video game fans. Well there's certainly seems to make sense. Amine peleton bike rides are kind of interactive experiences. Anyway you know and fitnesses made for application you know to keep exercisers interested in state. Of course you know it. It helps break the monotony of whatever. You're a regular workout is. I'm as you know. For instance like the apple. Fitness app has three rings for exercise. Stand in a movie in each

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