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It's time once again for america's favorite show the radio adventures of dr fluid brought to you floyd dot com featuring special guest. Dr stan freberg as sherlock holmes in our last episode dart off lloyd. Dr steam had just made another literature. Jump we knew that. Dr steve had landed in front of the office of sherlock holmes but we had no idea what are deployed had wound up. That is until now as there was a brilliant flash of light and we see i hero come crashing down into the middle of a small but well furnished consultation room in london england. Oh boy we're attorney's name i know. Where's dr steve. He took his own merimee readies. We made literature jump. I thought he said he was gonna do coming consultation. Room moments and they're on the threshold stands a man well over six feet tall and so thin. He appears considerably taller his eyes. I shop and piercing and he has a thin hawk. Line knows and as square jaw. He quickly looks around the room and dentists closing the door behind him. Are your loan watson luncheon. Have you any objection to my closing. You're shudders watson. no go ahead closure as the man is his way around the room. Flinging the shutters together. Dr floyd ponders curiously on the name. He's been called if he is watson and this is a piece of classic literature then this man could only be sherlock holmes. You were expecting maybe basil rathbone. Never mind you are no doubt wondering why i'm here. I assume it's because you have a new case. Why yes i do. How nice huge. Notice very stylish. Don't you think matches my cloak. No no i mean you have a new mystery to solve all right watson. Have you ever heard of professor moriarty. Wasn't he a mathematics professor. That's him well after an extensive investigation. I've come to realize that it is he who has been behind all the recent crimes and london masterminding numerous acts of evil. Like some sort of of evil mastermind. Precisely moriarty is the napoleon of crime. You any plans to invade russia. No no no watson. It was just a figure of speech. Oh right sherry anyway. I have just put a plan into action that will and a mere three days. Time exposed marietta's misdeeds to all of london and intern get him arrested. Oh bravo homes jolly good show. Yes it was quite clever me wasn't it but you see watson as clever as mike cleverness was moriarty was clever enough to discover my cleverness levers. So imagine my surprise when this very morning he showed up at two twenty one b baker street. He get what did he look like. Well is extremely tall and thin. His shoulders or rounded and he's to is are deeply sunken into his head. Does he have pale skin and greasy black hair. Yes he does watson. How did you know. Just playing a hunch. Well the moment he entered the room he appeared at me with great. Curiosity then smiled at me and said you don't know me do you. Don't know me do you on the contrary. I know exactly who you are. Well then if you know who. I am then you know why. I'm here oh. I know why you're here and you know i know why are here with it if you know that. I know that you know why i'm here. Then you must know that. I know that you know that. I know that you know why i'm here. Yes i know look. I didn't come here. a weedy bent. I'm sorry you're being woody. What look. I came here to tell you that. I'm quite sure. A smart man like yourself could see that if you think you're smart enough to bring destruction up on me i. I'm smart enough to do the same to you. You are paid me. Several compliments mr moriarty. Let me pay you on in return. When i say that a man smart enough to see how smart i am is surely smart enough to know that i'm smart enough to outsmart one as smart as you. You think you're so smart don't you I get by. But you haven't seen the last of me sherlock holmes that he left my office dear me. You can see the great danger. I am in watson. is this reason. I'm wondering if you'll come away with me to switzerland until three days have passed and moriarty is in custody of course homes. You can count on me to help you with this case. Oh no need watson you see. It's got a pet at handle and a detachable shoulder strap not dead case the moriarty case right. I'll meet you at the station in an hour. Just wish i knew what sherlock holmes story this was sir arthur conan. Doyle wrote so many of them. It's hard to keep street. And as talk to floyd hurriedly prepares to leave. We must take a leave of this episode. Will sherlock holmes be able to outsmart professor moriarty. Who's obviously being portrayed by dr steve and this version of the story all dr. Steve gained the up a hand in this battle of good versus evil and in what capacity. We'll dr floyd helped sherlock holmes with this case. I don't need any help with this case doesn't rowley wheels on it. You see not that case that oh never mind. Find out next time on the radio. Adventures duct flowing episode number seven. Oh nine of the radio. Adventures of dr floyd starred stan freberg cash sherlock holmes stan freberg history of the united states of america volumes. One and two are highly recommended by everyone here at the radio. Adventures of dr floyd using for this episode by jodi white sides. Www dot jody white sides dot com. This episode was written by grant. But choko and based on the stories of sherlock holmes by sir arthur conan. Doyle leave us a voicemail and area code eight one eight three three two three zero five three visit the radio adventures of dr floyd merchandise store at www dot dr floyd dot com slash store. This episode was recorded. At dr floyd studios in beautiful downtown burbank. California episode number seven. Oh nine of the radio. Adventures of dr floyd is copyright. Two thousand eight dr floyd industries. All rights reserved. Hey radio adventures of dr floyd fans. One look cool for back to school. 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