What Are the Quirks That Come With Being a Developer



Let's start with you telling us about your coding journey. Where they're all begin for you. I i started getting into coating during college. I started out as a psychology major and was pretty intent on finishing up. Undergrad getting a master's degree and being a counselor About couple years into it. I realized i liked the more hard science a lot. Better than sort of the sop science and social science part of it. And i had taken a statistics class. Like just a psychology stats. Class really looked to that. So i got into statistics and changed my major to that and at that point i had to take a bunch of like stats computing type glasses. So for instance statisticians tend to use programming languages like our or sass or even just like sql database management. And so that was really my first introduction to programming at that point. Like i realized if i to look at the t. between statistics and computer science actually like program a lot more than i liked the stats part of it. Nah i landed up graduating with degrees statistics. During that time. I just did a ton of learning on my own. Did a lot of like could academy courses recode cam fluoro- site videos whole time. Packer rank exercises. I even read through twenty programming textbooks now on just java script html and just building stuff just trying to make little side project snack things together. And after i graduated from college. I landed my first programming job. So what was it about that stats class. And then getting into programming. That resonated with you so is taking ard says stats programming. Which are and it was really amazing. Nina we could like run simulations and experiments just for typing a few lines of co dried. We could run simulations of very simple things like let's flip the coin hundred times and see how many times it lands heads or tails or even just like data visualization like we have data set and using just a few lines of code. You could use like a stats package like something like g plot to create this beautiful chart. That was really cool that you could like essentially build something out of basically nothing

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