A Joke About the British Empire


Long time ago but not long ago that it's still very relevant in britain big boat and we set sail. We on this will sound farfetched wants a stray that one of the great wall asprey swag too old blighty and we hit. It is the clever pa. We hit it in a museum last place. Anyone looks now. it's the modern day. Northern countries stole from asking for this stuff back a worried santa blanket. No now a few that can see angry faces but so i walk shop and listen your defense funds keeping up as what very well. I guess those out the pump finders keepers shop. Even you got someone stole something of you as an individual favorite finley mix it and you knew native by the way. I fact now hunch. You-know-who stolen everybody. Knows it's common knowledge so people have written books about it. They've definitely need to all got it and stunning money. Into why size ain't get them involved to hide it at the pint and actually put it in a glass display case from seven different angles. We'll clear when it is. There's no dispute. Is that once belonged to you. Because plaque next to exactly what wanna is the top of the plot and then a paragraph on about how important it is to you and joel culture you may even give it. The thing can have like to stand on probably tightness time. Today

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