Marking Your Territory, Elderberries, and Hydrangea Color



Think we should start out with true or false ellen. It is about peeing in the garden to keep critters away. I have very mixed feelings about this. I have used predator urine in my garden in pennsylvania. I don't know if did a darn bit of good. I really don't but i'll tell you it smelled pretty darn bad. So if i were a bunny or a deer. I would not have gone near that stuff. It's interesting that We're starting with predator urine. Because i have very strong feelings about this and that is i cannot believe that this is collected in a humane way new. And you can't find any. They will not tell you how it's like. Well how it has to be as collected is they have to keep the coyotes or these fox in little pens with wire floors so that when they urinate goes down into a trough or something so it can't possibly be a humane thing so i am not in favor of using predator urine in the garden. Unless you're encouraging the coyotes and the to hang out and peeing your garden. Naturally that i'm all in favor of. I use the fox here in once i started looking into says this can't be good. This cannot be good but there are also people who will. Pd the borders of their garden in hopes of keeping deer and bunnies away. And i've read mixed things about this but well. i think i wouldn't encourage anybody to urinate too close to their vegetable garden or or things that you're going to eat that just kinda makes good sense that you don't want to bring you know harm on yourself in terms of bacteria tetra. That's why we carry waste away both either down into septic systems or sewage treatment plants.

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