'In the Heights' and the New Golden Age of Musicals



Early word about in the heights has been effusively positive in general and praising of star anthony ramos as a screen presence in particular if you get the film spotty newsletter. You already know that. This week producers. Sam wrote about seeing hints of ramos's potential in the filmed version of hamilton. So i thought we might want to start there atom to ask if this potential was realized for you in this screen adaptation of lin-manuel miranda's pre hamilton stage. Musical ramos plays whose navy de la vega twenty something new yorker. Who's taken over corner. Bodega from his late parents. But dreams of moving back to his native dominican republic. There two other main characters whom will get to but it's it's navy who introduces us to. His washington heights neighborhood in the movies. Bravura pre title sequence. Which is a chance for ramose to showcase his skills as a singer. Slash rapper as a dancer and just general screen presence

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