Creating a Marketing Strategy for Extending Your Business Internationally


Let's walk through what you think. The right strategy is when you're thinking about extending your business outside of your current territory into new markets. What's the playbook for launching a new product line. A new country was a great question bed because we not only help. Climb sloan new countries but obviously nation state where was looking to expand out since we what we've clients from across europe as well as constant state senator was say we have bring the far east so the real challenge first of all is to understand way. Your biggest opportunity is the truth. Is that launching. Internationally is quite time. Consuming can be quite expensive. So you really want to. Because you're aware. The opportunity is an understanding that from your product or service to me is the first challenge this ways. You can do that in terms of research but a lot of it depends on new understanding who your customers are. I meant being identify in which countries like exist. let's us a case study or a hypothetical. Let sam running a sast business for us on helping corporate executives move from an executive role to a consulting practice and it's available here in the united states. I'm thinking about launching in europe. Talked me about how you'd think about positioning that product. And what are the markets. That i should select. So that's a great idea. Instead of launching that internationally because see a lot of countries have executives that had not made that transition in consulting. I think assess thing you really need to think about is like more rich so even if your working with executives who have good english as a second language it's still going to be harder to sell to countries where the primary language is english. So it's me one of the challenges of the sas business is always about whether localized with language. Or whether you're going to launch just in english that doesn't rule out in launch. Levers apple jam neil steinberg france but it means you need to think slightly differently about how you approach that

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