A highlight from S5E5: Amortycan Grickfitti


Second verse verse same as pertinent news segment where we talk about anything remotely rick maury related and as you all know a huge blockbuster movie came out this weekend available theaters as well as hbo. Max we're talking about no other movie than space jam legacy we're lawn and slam go to the jayantha the jam. It's you're trying to think of a different movie to pop in there instead of Blackout now The contract to now tunes back in action now which which by the way. I've never seen looney tunes back in action but because space jam is out in the sequels out. Everybody says that is a. It is the superior looney tunes film from that era. So i need to go back. I need to go check it out because people say it is much better than space. Jam which i you know as an adult watching space jam. The first one. I got to say i don't think it's a. I don't think it's all that great but it has nostalgia it's got to be the nostalgia for me because i enjoy the movie looking back on it and maybe it's it's gotta be the nostalgia because it's not technically a great movie but compared to the current space jam filled with lebron james and Yeah maybe masterpiece it. Maybe maybe this generation citizen kane if there's any if there's any comparison yeah yeah space. Jam new new legacy we received an email As as part of the adult swims marketing arm and it was it was like it was an advert for space jam. And you and i. We both kind of like we. We mentioned to each other. Just like Okay all right well. There's that doesn't make sense. But then but then we started seeing the tweets. We started seeing the bleeps and we started seeing the social media posts that Had a clip of rick. And morty and this is how it semi-permanent inside space jam for very very very quick cameo. It's not spoiling anything we tell you that. Rick and morty are in there they're not in the background of the The basketball scenes they actually have a part in royal and does the voices for the characters So it might. It might very well be the best part of space jam a new leg easily. Well i don't know marvin. The martian gets some featured time in there as well Soft spot in my heart for for marvan So yeah. I don't know i which actually thinking about it marvin. Martian ship and rick ship are similar in zionist That's interesting Maybe maybe it's not a jimmy neutron rip-off put something else entirely anyway Yeah so if you if you watched the news. Space jam movie. I'm sorry But i mean. I wouldn't site i would. I saw it on my kid. Was su bribed for the movie But the i morning the highlight for me. It's not it's not for us as adults right it. S got your. Your kid loved it. My kid liked it a lot and really the original space jam to which was kind of like that right like we were kids when he watched it. We enjoyed it but it wasn't necessarily what. What are our favorite movies. But there's some there's some you want to say something go ahead and go and go and say what you wanna say. I'm saying the new space jam doesn't have a bill murray equivalent. All right there's not i. Don keitel is is as close as you're going to get an with bill murray. Maybe the guy that plays his agent of like this weird comic relief that that we didn't deserve but he's no bill. Murray no no that. That guy is more of the dennis nejra character. Okay night something night way night. Yeah way night yeah yeah. Yeah newman from seinfeld What am i say. is there there some there. There's some controversy among some folks that are like especially after the sperm episode of rick. And morty Where they're like the you have rick. And morty in children's cartoon but i just wanna say to that point and everyone else's pointed this out on on social media as well that there isn't space jam had a pulp fiction as a reference with with bugs and daffy it had very adult references in it to

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