Death Toll Rises and Thousands Flee Homes as Floods Hit China


Is also feeling the pain. Massive floods are affecting millions of people the world Rebecca cancers in Shanghai and says the worst hit areas are in the city of Zhengzhou and surrounding a non province in central China. Throughout the province. There's about 10 cities and urban and rural areas that have been affected, But because Zhengzhou is a city about 10 million, it's getting a lot of attention. And there's been a lot of footage on social media about about the situation in Yangzhou, but actually it's been around the region. So about 100,000 people had to be relocated because of the flood. And this has been going on for several days now since Saturday, So there's some really dramatic scenes showing up on social media. What have you been saying? One video that I got sent from someone? I know who's living there showed just how scary this kind of flooding can be. Yeah, yeah. Are you admire? Come on. I? Yeah, I don't know the woman filming this video. She's live streaming and she's pointing it at the street, which is just covered in water, and it looks like a river And she's saying Oh my gosh, there's a father and his child that are just swept away swept right down the street by by the floodwaters, so she's just yelling at them. Please get to hold on to something, but there's nothing that they can hold onto. And the water is about the level of the hood of the cars on the side of the street. But the video that I've been seeing all over the Internet is this one, which was shot in one of Guangzhou's subway cars on Tuesday night, are you Uh, here, you know, Jamal, what's going on there? Rebecca? What's happening is you're seeing the inside of a subway car. Everybody inside the subway car is sort of grabbing onto the strap hangers and the water is all the way up to their chest almost up to their shoulders. It's dark in the subway car, and it's just very scary because you can imagine they were there for several hours before they were able to be evacuated out and 12 people died. That's

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