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I don't even know if i actually cares whether i'm just as me. That just feels somebody guilty for using say we. I grew up in a world where it was kind of off situation. You can either see something as in everything or nothing and of course. Visual impairment isn't like that it's like you know people talk about autism. And i think people understand autism on a spectrum. Pretty well understand how that works and how some people can have you know very very small essentially of autism. You know just very small part of their lives to to you. Know fubo in is is taken over my life. People get what is doing to get it with vigilant payment and and all you can do about that. Frankly elvin just keep talking about it and saying that that's the case that is a spectrum that were along but greg mentions this And he says he has advanced r. P. seems you retinitis pigmentosa and he says the only monitor. I can see anything useful on is an old. Svga crt monitor and the big big big monitors will be tubes. Of course you do your engine. So sorry mark comeback. Think of any better if he was but yeah. Crt mona's now i read about this. I read these. were making a comeback. Gamers are partly yes thus right because of the refresh rate at the the lcd screens were the Thin screens are fine But there is that refresh aspect and you can get ghosting because the image stays there and then it refreshes five milliseconds or one millisecond layover. Crt you get less of that ghosting. Apparently i'm not entirely sure why is because always remember you know on tv programs or when a an old crc was filmed. You'd see that flicker on a but you don't see that if you feel Today's monitors. So yeah i know they are. They are very popular amongst gamers. Remember when plasma. Tv's komo you'll read hall a yeah. That's right yeah sun on them. Yeah and remember you could only carry them a certain way if you if you lead them down the opposite number the liquid of brooklyn but the thing about those wars. I couldn't look at them. The to me. The flicker asked me nauseous. I never look at plasma screens of. I remember visiting a friend and he said oh. Look at my new beautiful tv. And i can you look at. It must have just been my eye condition. That must just booth misdiagnosed. Must have been moving in almost moving out of sync with the with the image on the screen which made it really difficult to see house. Shake your head really fast. Because i could never see it. I could never see a. And i thought i don't know how anybody would buy this Because the patriots looks terrible to me of costa to most people was fine But greg is only says. I also have a crtv. I keep watching sports on. He says i can't see the bowl by cancer. See the players running around the field and a single tv broadcast to the radio. And this is what we do isn't it. This is exactly what we do we. Just there's something on this on my phone. I see blobs where the icons are. I can't read anything or see what they actually are clearly by. No there's something there. So with the screen reader i can put my finger on and you know tell me what is so i do use it in conjunction with no. There's an argument that well turning screen on because what's that visual aspect giving you in some cases it can be helpful. So why wouldn't you. Yeah that's a good email greg. I honestly i don't know the technical reason why. Crt's is sometimes better now. Sorry if you had a little ping in the background there. I was meeting a calendar. Invite for something this is. It's like why kamal doing the showtimes. Because you've always talk you've got notifications. You go to silence. Do not disturb on. The mac is probably the best feature in the world. But you do have to remember to turn on remember tunnel at macgregor's only says i'm not sure why i can see images now. Crt off flat screen. But that's going to be specific to you. Greg think or your mobile you sean. If you if you try to see t. Recently because i might be something for you yes that's it i'm going on ebay right away. I mean it could be look. I did try that. That new monitor the ben q. Monitor recently because of that reason. The monitor i have in front me right now. Samsung it just looks gray. Anything i look. It just looks great. The contrast is not enough for me So that's the reason. I tried another one and i admittedly the other one didn't work out for me either. But that's not to say that you know different displays there are different ratios of contrast and brightness in gammon saturation and sharpness and depending on your eye condition. You may find one that works better for you. So there's no harm in trying these things that's all no definitely not well Certainly worth checking out. Also greg wants to congratulate you on a great feature. Last week was heated again. I the checking your tech specs for windows. Eleven the rushed one. I did because they suddenly took away the health checker to Marks off that way. I did a piece on that and then had to totally redo it so well. It was brilliant people lying. They're saying absolutely heating. He just love the fake audience. I love also got new on for you by the way. If you ever see something unfunny of this one for you very hand is going to be used a lot. I fear on this program Look stick around because we lost more to talk about other show. I'm going to be talking about when does eleven. Am i going to be a special guest on next to tell us all but his thoughts from the little vision perspective late algan to windows eleven from blindness perspective. All at to come on that double type canada this week. 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This is not a safe space devolved deep voice to do that not let me. We'll ask the lovely lady if you can do a deep voice there. This is no safe-space. Now that's creepy. I see blind people.

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