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Final hour in this wednesday. No update right now on. Chris paul's status. The report was earlier this morning from the athletic that he's entered the nba health and safety protocol and he is going to be sidelined for an indefinite period of time. This according to the athletic no further. Update on kawhi leonard status for tonight other than brian. Windhorst from the mothership. Reporting that cowboys expected to miss game. Five against the jazz tonight with a knee. Injury suffered in game four. His status for the rest of the series is in doubt as well that brings us to the final hour of the program. We spent a lot of time talking about the bucks last night. And their game plan against kevin durant the brilliance of kevin durant. in fact. here's his head coach steve. Nash tried to put it into words. What kevin durant did last night historic historic performance and maybe play the entire game barely missed got to the line. Seventeen rebounds ten assists three steals two blocks forty nine point. I mean it's it's ridiculous what he's able to do. We know he's capable of nights like this but to do it tonight. You know we lose kai james obviously is is soldiering through his ailments with bodies were wounded and for him to have the toughness that mentality. That's what makes him one of the all time greats and so this is a performance that signature performance for for kevin and it was beautiful to watch forty nine seventeen and ten as brooklyn leads the series three games to two. Here's kevin durant on pretty much doing everything not perception of me is that atkins quarter basketball will but You know any team. I played on. I've been asked to do pretty much everything from nine into defend into initiating to scoring. I might not be you know might not do it all the time but i do a little bit of everything out there. So i knew at some point that culture wax to screen rebound defend. Bring the ball up score. Shoot three so i was just working on everything i can in practice and and win the game coming around and he's got to be ready to pull you know. Be ready to do anything so Tonight of those nice. It's incredible us and james harden. Maybe he was going to be a distraction. maybe he was a decoy. I respect the effort out of him. But i thought that he was out there and it was a detriment to the team because he couldn't shoot couldn't guard anybody did that. Stop the bucks from taking advantage of Him being out on the floor and it did not did they. Double team kevin durant. They did not and now you head back home and you better win. This game This in from adrian. Whoa ski stan. Van gundy is out as the new orleans. Pelicans head coach. He was supposed to bring some toughness there. Some defense and you did not have that the plum job at least it feels like it's still a plum job with their young talent there. Ingram there but stan gundy one and done is this fars The next head coaches here some names. The pelicans are expected to look at jack van. He is with the brooklyn nets jason kidd also this according to espn. Those are some of the names. That are coming up becky. Hammon is an assistant coach with the spurs and i had maintained for a couple of years. Now that i think when gregg popovich leaves that he will leave and becky will be the first female head coach in the nba and She's done it before where she's the head coach in summer league. Don staley's the name that's come up to getting a chance to do some interviews and they've certainly earned that becky has becky's been on an nba bench for quite some time Former player wnba. And maybe she'll get a chance to be a head coach. And i think she's interviewing at a couple of places including portland but might get a chance for her to be the head coach. Maybe it's with The spurs and pelicans assistant coach. Teresa weatherspoon is also another name being floated around good phone calls coming up. Nick right will join us. And we'll recap what we saw last night. Get his thoughts on the clippers without coli in utah. Tonight in the hawks at the seventy sixers really. The nba playoffs are about injuries. You start to run down the list of who's injured and how long they're out for how series the injury is and i think that's what we're going to look back on with these seasons as who was healthy or healthy enough to win a championship. Eight seven seven three. Dp show email address ep. Dan patrick

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