A highlight from Wednesday Post Show (6-16-21)


It's time for the bobby bones post show. Here's your host bobby. Read the new chrissy teigen stuff yesterday. The new one like her apology. After the policy someone else came out and showed a extremely detailed where he was like. Hey i didn't they. Someone photo shot this saying this word and it was proved it was. It was true that he didn't actually say this racist statement right. I think from one of those shows that lunchbox launches does model shows runway. America's next top model like that. Yeah something. I don't know one of those shows so he was so we reach out a will you talk to me. And here's my number. Call me she's like no you're going to get you deserve and then your rights this whole long thing yesterday going. Hey she like blackballed me she. This after the apology came out and then he showed the receipts of their communication. I believe it to be true. But you can actually get photoshop the same but i people believe him but it was brutal yesterday. I miss that. But i mean if it was before it's not like she issued the apology and then did that. I mean she was very transparent in the apology that she definitely did like some things. She was not proud of. And has you know. Work towards being different isn't a completely different place now so i don't know some pretty brutal online bullying stuff. So that's what that's what it's all about. The courtney stodden and stuff was crazy where she was like kind of wished you die tori totally into the guy's name is michael castillo. He's a designer. He's accusing chrissy teigen of teagan. Bullying said he was so humiliated and then of showed some of the texts. Maybe it was. Dm exchange A lot of stuff was on twitter. So but didn't here's what happens right and i bring this up then. Leona lewis who sings the song back in the day bleeding key a bleeding. She comes out and she's like okay. Listen i'm not saying you're not telling the truth. Let me tell a story about you. Being offered to me and her point is are we. Sit here all day and just go. Well this person with me and here this person was there and none of it isn't or not you know it's still meaningful when they heard us but he's like she's like don't throw stones. Because here's the exact story of you. Treating me like crap making mayfield. Terrible telling me that i not dressing me for the show that you said to show it was. This whole is interesting. I hate cancel culture by the way. Hey hey i think there should be repercussions for if you do something dumb. But i definitely don't think you can't work your way out of situation as long as you don't touch a kid or kill somebody or hurt an animal. Like i kinda feel like you can rehabilitate yourself or go. That was so long ago. And look how i've changed. Let my work also speak for me. It's like what the mortgage and stuff to happen. I was like you can't cancel the guy. Does he needed probably go and fix some stuff. Yeah and so. He takes time off. And i got crush for that. But you know what he's as sexton time off and he came back and he's loved and welcomed and he's like hey look i've learned my lesson and the fact that it has to be one way or the other that it's like you're absolutely right. You're absolutely wrong. mind blowing to me. It's not like. I always feel like being sensible and i've said this before that's where you get beat up the most because you don't jump on any of the big teams and i feel like i try to live in that sensible place so i always just feel like i'm getting pounded because there's no team of sensibility. There's team of way over here. you're right. there's him over here. No you're right. You're wrong and so but the christina's have gotten brutal in this guy comes out yesterday and says this and leona lewis is like. Okay got it. You absolutely have the right to say that. I believe you but just so you know this is what you did to me. And that chain can go on. Forever and hayley lewis. Bobby did this is. My point is one. I don't like cancer culture at all to boy the chrissy teigen stuff which is show you how you can be on a high run a real high all sudden kick the leg boom. You're at the bottom. But i don't think she should just be eliminated from life. Now you know i. Don't i think that she probably has a different person. She is humiliated wash humiliated because she got caught. Or because i don't know i don't know i feel like a lot of that's on us to for like just like we think we know people and that's on us that you know if we're getting fooled by people i don't know i don't start believing people you don't know gets on don't start would i She doesn't mean like literally us. None of us were hash tagging cancelled. Chrissy teigen hashtag canceled mortgage wall on either. Because i wasn't. I was getting pressure from side of the industry that was like hey we step up and say mortgage needs to be gone. I was like you out of your mind. I don't even tell you who that was. I don't have to say. I don't have to say that. And then there's obviously another side. It's like need to be saying he needs to be back on the radio tomorrow. I'm like no. I don't even say that either like i can only say how i feel. I'm saying i'm right. I'm just saying this is how i feel.

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