How to Be More Present in Your Intimate Relationships


To be present. Try to be president. I really believe niece does. It's like when when couples have learned mindfulness when both of them have learned how to be self aware in the moment to be able to come openly into the moment and be there with the other person in full presence not stuck five years ago present. Everything changes will say what our partners our spouses our our relationships. Our families want from us isn't more presence like material presence like christmas gifts his presence. They want more sense that we are grounded right here with them attentive to them accepting of them in the moment with them not trapped in old stories not angry about the stress or the you know freaking out about the worries of next week or next month bills but rather at dinner with them in the moment with them on the walk with them living in the present with them in this one i would guess probably brought up because it's so important in times of conflict to be present with them and to be i would say if i had to think about like my presence with denise were when we're struggling or when we're argument i would say if i could give my like i knowing knowing what she needs in that moment. More than what. I'm kind of built or i was condition to is is. I grew up. Is that presence with tenderness.

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