A highlight from June 16th: David Rubin HR 1


Yep as i mentioned during traffic this morning. we're still in the grip of that high pressure. Dome think of it as a heat engine bringing record breaking temperatures across the state and believe it or not. It's still spring. Summer doesn't officially arrive until nine. Thirty two pm. On sunday making sunday the final day of spring and expect those high temperatures to stick around through thursday when we cold fronts rolls through on into friday morning making temps making tampa a little bit more comfy with friday's highs expected to be in the upper eighties and that trend will continue throughout the weekend. Expect a high eighties low nineties. It sounds pretty refreshing now. Doesn't it but oh my gosh they heat. Are you surviving this one hundred and one degrees yesterday in fort collins hundred and four now i've seen reports of anywhere between one hundred to one hundred and four in greeley yesterday. I mean what difference does a couple of degrees make i mean. We are sweltering now highs. Today are expected. Despite meteorologist. Chris tomer saying low. One hundred highs are expected to hit ninety nine. Could get into Those triple digits and fort collins and one hundred and one in greeley but again asking the question. How are you beating the heat. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten. You can also a drop me taxed on our thirteen ten kfi k. Text line by the way. If you're new to are texting family we got a new number for you and the first time you use that number you have to do is text. Kfi k. a. to Previously referenced new number just k. Two nine seven four seven eight. Thirteen a one and speaking of dialing up the heat while in a different context. That's an official. Sit down in geneva. This has president biden. Russia's president putin already gotten their highly anticipated summit underway and futon not opting for gamesmanship. This time around even showing up on time. That's something Kind of out of the ordinary for him because well he does like to pull those power plays. Apparently it was several years ago that he showed up not a little bit later. Not fashionably late. But he's showed up four hours late for the summit but no he was on time this morning again. This as a this long anticipated geneva summit finally underway. Question is will president as advertised. You remember was just days ago when he was asked about whether he would address these cyber attacks and other issues with president putin to include election meddling when president biden said. Well i'm gonna tell him what i want to tell him. Yeah it's a moment. A pretty high stakes. Diplomacy diplomacy this at a time when both leaders agree that relations between russia and the united states pretty much at an all time low because well it's been multiple months at least four months at

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