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The capital in a deadly attack, FBI director Christopher Wray told a house hearing the other day, the FBI's agents Analysts and professionals alongside our partners have been working around the clock to track down those who participated in the attack to hold them accountable. But some on the right claim the FBI played a role orchestrating it, and that prompted Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger to push back again. Tweeting. Some of his GOP colleagues are pushing FBI conspiracy theories opposing Juneteenth. Another batch Well, bat blank Hurry as he called it. Kinzinger is already made waves as a frequent trump critic who voted to impeach the president in January. My beef with some of my fellow Republicans is, you know they've really become unmoored from truth. Congressman Kinzinger represents the 16th, Illinois House district, You know? Look, truth matters. I grew up in church. I still go to church. My faith is very important to me. But I remember as a kid and Sunday school being told repeatedly Tell the truth. Tell the truth and I have seen a lot of my colleagues. I've seen one You know, compare basically the right to own guns and and somehow say that you know Vietnam and the VCs attack on American Marines, you know, prove something, which is which is nuts. You know. Now we're seeing people basically pushing this idea that unindicted co conspirator somehow means FBI agents and FBI. Actually organized January six, then and completely, not true. It just means it's a co conspirator. That's unindicted and something these conspiracy theories and I'm like. Look, I am a Republican, because I believe in truth because I believe in conservative governance. It doesn't mean I will ever accept lying to the American people, and I have a real problem with him. In your tweet you wrote so much more bat blank ary. And you want the majority are rather the minority leader Kevin McCarthy to do something. What? What do you want him to do? What is really getting to me? Is that these? You know my colleagues these people that swear no to the Constitution. They know the truth. Trust me. Anybody listening? Trust me, your congressman or woman. If there are Republican, particularly, they know January six was not run from the FBI. Why aren't they telling you that if they're not, that is what they owe you at a bare minimum is the truth. And so Kevin McCarthy is the leader of the Republican Party. And, uh, look, I'll stand up if I have to. I have read about it. You know, growing up as a kid in Sunday school and be the only one telling the truth. But if it's just me, that's fine, but I wish more would join. You were there. Obviously. January 6th what All happened When it all went down. What is the truth? What do you want people to know. Okay. I mean, I've heard everything from it was Antifa. It was BLM. It was it was the FBI Now, yet people are opposing January six Commission. Look, if it was any of those, by the way you would want to January 6th Commission. That's how we find out the truth. The truth is these were Trump supporters. It doesn't mean every trump supporters stormed the capital. It doesn't mean trump supporters are bad. I voted for Donald Trump to I wanted him to win in 2020. We can point anyway, we want but this is the truth. They were Trump supporters. Now I think what's important for the future of our party in the future of our country is to come to grips with how it got to this point. I don't blame the people that were present on January six for this rally. Now I do blame the people that Came into the capital. But every one of these folks have been told by the people that they trust that either the election was stolen. That January six, we could legitimately not certifying election and remake Donald Trump as president. Or at least their leaders were quiet and it was untrue. They were misled. They were abused. I think the biggest tragedy in all of this Is that the raw and noble patriotism that exists in every American Has been abused by certain leaders who have told you that your vote didn't count that you weren't just outnumbered by the other side. You were totally disenfranchised, and that All you have to do is stand up. Show up on January 6th demand. Mike Pence, who was the most faithful person to Donald Trump? The man Mike Pence just make his opinion. Not certify the election. Now he's persona non grata. I mean, this is you know, if I This is what I'm trying to tell folks is Do not let yourself be manipulated here and unfortunately fear that the silence of many leaders is in and of itself manipulative. You feel on the outside looking in your only one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump in the house before he left office, and a lot of Republicans have spoken to several of them here on the podcast to say, You know, we can't look back. We have to look forward to 2022. We can't be going back through what happened in the past. Look, I don't disagree with that. But here's two things to that number one. We have to come to grips with what happens. You know, people were lied to and manipulated and and we repeatedly are saying things like Donald Trump is still the leader of the Republican Party. Well, then, by the way that makes everything he says today relevant So when he comes out and says the election was stolen when he goes on the road and says, I'm going to be reinstated as president in August, when he has these people convinced that he's declaring himself the leader of the Republican Party, Republican leaders are declaring that he is the leader of the Republican Party. It is impossible to move on without a full accounting of what happened, and by the way, if I have to stand up Be the only guy saying it. I'm at total peace with that, Even if everybody ends up hating me because the bottom line is my accountability is to my God into truth. And I know that the truth is what ultimately matters to me. Why is there a need, though for January 6th Commission When is the minority leader in the Senate? Mitch McConnell says there's been several committees still in underway with their own investigations, and there's been lots of testimony and lots of hearings already.

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