New York Post Miranda Devine Reports That Joe Biden Knew About Hunter's Overseas Business


Back in 2015 with Hunter and his dad Joe, with two Mexican billionaires, one of them being Carlos Slim, who at one point was the world Richest man and didn't hear it. Doesn't he own part of the New York Times as I require my wrong, But exactly, he bailed out The New York Times. Exactly. So maybe that's one clue why there's no coverage of this. Who knows why there is the Praetorian God as you say, But you know these We're Hunter Biden's business associates. There were people that Hunter Biden either was making money from always hoping to make money from was trying to get involved with or was involved with. And you know, we have already just recently ran another story in another photograph. Of Joe Biden, who popped into a dinner that Hunter was having with business partners from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia and Mexico. And that was at Cafe Milano with a private room in Washington, D. C. And we know that Joe Biden popped in there and Now we have this evidence of a breakfast meeting and November 1920 15 in the living room of the residents of Vice presidents, residents with four hunters, business partners. So, um, I just don't understand how the White House Is not addressing this. At some point. They're going to have to confront the evidence that the president was involved in the hunter Biden's overseas business dealings and at some point, Joe Biden is going to have to admit that he lied when he told The world several times during the election campaign that he knew nothing about Hunter Biden's business dealings

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