Gwendolyn Stegall on NYC's Lesbian Bars Since 1910


The show wendelin. Thank you for having me. I understand that you have a kind of unique background being an architect and the in the field of architecture and yet your master's thesis was based on the history of lesbian gathering spaces in new york city That seemed like a little bit of an unusual bland. It's not something i would expect. The average person with their eyes set on architecture to be doing as a master's thesis just to clarify the master's thesis was for my historic preservation degree. So i i had two degrees architecture and historic preservation So this was part of the preservation work but even for preservation. It's an unusual topic. I will say that preservation as a field is broadening its scope it started as preserve penn station preserve the beautiful buildings that are in danger of disappearing. And there's still a lot of that and still a lot of you know houses. A founding fathers and things like that but The story is starting to expand as in many fields We are starting to tell deeper stories and more stories. So you know if you have a historic house museum for example the story of its gay occupant. Maybe was never told. And now it's starting to be told or if you have a house of a slave owner. The stories of the slaves are starting to told things like that. So the field is expanding. And i see my work as part of the expansion of this field. And i very lucky to have many wonderful allies in this work in new york and certainly It's a place where the idea of historic preservation has a field is growing quickly. So

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