A highlight from An event that struck terror into Portland Oregon residents


Of the worlds nineteen thirty. Eight war was brewing. As germany invaded austria japan was strongly aligned with the invader prior to world war two. It was forecast. That britain would suffer night air bombing attacks causing large numbers of civilian casualties and mass destruction. It was widely agreed that navigation targeting would be more difficult if manmade lights on the ground could be extinguished as early as july nineteen thirty eight. American citizens were urged to practice lights out beginning at dusk it would not be called blackout drills until nineteen thirty nine. Fear across the country as rumor spread about coming to the aid of our british allies. Should war break out that the sounds of war that came over the radio that october thirtieth nineteen thirty eight were not from europe but from mars. This was a live broadcast across america five. Pm in the west which would have made it eight pm eastern time meant. There was no time to warn the west about what was to come a wave of hysteria that swept across the united states at night before halloween as a realistic radio. Dramatization reached all the way to portland oregon. Two thousand five hundred miles from the scene. The fictional invasion the telephone switchboard of the oregonian newspaper was swamped by hundreds of excited calls. People rushed into the business offices of the newspaper demanding information. Hundreds of calls were made to the portland police wanting to know what protection the city offer. And what place might be safe in the event that wholesale destruction spread to the pacific coast. Doctors reported cases of women fading. A man was reported to have loaded his family into a car and driven frantically through the streets of portland searching for a haven of refuge. Portland offices of the western union telegraph company were jammed with kirsten seeking to send telegrams to relatives in the east enquiring as to their safety just as an announcer was choked off by poisonous gas in what he had said might be. The last broadcast ever made the town of portland. Oregon was plunged into darkness. Of course this was the effect of the earlier blackout program announced a previous week elsewhere in the north west calls poured into newspapers and press association by the thousands. A seattle newspaper switchboard reported hysterical calls from persons wanting to know if it was true that new york had disappeared beneath the atlantic ocean phrases. Like here they come taller skyscrapers. They're throwing heatwaves shocked and horrified listeners. One oregon journal newspaper reporter returning from the coast pulled into a gas station. Was informed by panic stricken mcminnville attended not to bother with this gas that the world was coming to an end but that was nineteen thirty. Eight americans today are much more savvy and have many more ways of receiving news other than radio and of course of a spiritualist message came over facebook twitter or one of the other internet news services. We wouldn't be fooled or would we. This kit crumb hoping you won't be fooled now. The joanna bright dungeness bay cozy murder misty series. Chapter eleven in chapter ten. We've found joanna.

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