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To chris. Mannix the senior. Nba writer from sports illustrated. I talked to him prior to the start of the show and record the interview with him. So we don't address. What just happened with kawhi or chris paul by started out asking him about some of the coaching decisions made last night by the milwaukee bucks. Here's chris mannix ninety. This was unequivocally one of the worst losses in bucks franchise history when you factor in the states and the team they were playing gets in the fact that at halftime they had a sixteen point. Lead now mike. Budenholzer has many critics out there. There are have many suggests that he should have been replaced after last season and the way they played in the bubble. So if you were. A critic of. Mike budenholzer feeding frenzy. Last night i mean to not attack. James harden on every possession. I mean you could see him walking out there dan. There was a noticeable limp in his step. He was not going to be able to stay in front. His defensive philosophy in this game was the backup much as he could and forced is like jrue holiday. Take a jump shots to not attack. Him was just bizarre and on the other end of the floor. Like to not take the ball out of kevin durant has. It's not a genius. coaching philosophy to do that. They play like that. You saw a couple of days ago. The la clippers made a decision to send double teams at donovan mitchell. And take the ball out of his head going back. Even further. when james harden was a houston rocket. we saw defense is load up on him. Force the ball out of his hands for force him into extremely difficult shots. The bucks philosophy seemed to be like lead. Pj talker defend him or to follow him and there were. I don't know how many possessions jaanus garden but this is one of the top defensive players in the nba allegedly. Why wasn't he getting more turns on kevin durant. I wasn't quite yelling at the tv. I was verbally yelling through twitter. But i had the same same thought process that the coaching decisions made by. Mike budenholzer just shocking. And then there was another one where janas didn't want to take it to the hoop late. He was guarded by james harden and he shot a fadeaway unchain harden. He didn't want to take it to the who possibly get fouled and go to the free. Throw line that goes. I mean that goes in the hall of shame if you will. I mean a couple things on this day like janas is a two time. Mvp he is a great offensive player to the nets. One double team of him. During the course of that game. I saw one situation that it was actually the situation where john faded away where the nets started to double team and then hard and waved off defender. You've got james harden go on his best day is probably an average defender and he was not as best day in this. One is waving off a double team so against a two time. Mvp who's got like six inches and fifty pows on him up. He could. He could defend one. At at johnson's response is to fade away in that situation. The the decision making by by jaanus was just wild. I mean when he had hardened at the top of the key he should have gone him. I got gun shy towards the end of the game about drug offense a false. When he had hard to the low post you have to attack him bully him get to the rim and yes get to the free. Throw line if that's what it comes down to and then at the very end to drop a pass in your bread basket that could have given the opportunity to tie the game. I mean this. This was one of the worst games. We've seen janas play in his trip. I just wonder how they respond going back home in game six. Because it's going to be one or the other it's going to be. We got resolved. We got backbone. There's going to be a game seven or it's going to be our heads or hanging low here. What do you expect in game. Six in this series. Well they play a lot better at home and they always have historically during the hottest arizo expect to come out with some energy. The question is can they build a big enough lead so that in the fourth quarter. They're not just doing manually motto with kevin durant which is not going to work for them in that particular situation but it in a way dan i look at this game six for jaanus in kind of the same way i look at game. Six of the two thousand twelve eastern conference finals lebron james not putting lebron and the same company but up until that point. Lebron had not won a championship. He had been to two finals. The celtics were as nemesis and going into game. Six lebron and the miami super friends were down. Three games to lebron came out in game six at one of the best games all career up until that point to beat boston on the celtics home floor. This is a different type of situation. But i kinda of see it through that same lens where jaanus this is his moment. This is his chance to either show. He's one of the best players in the game or to prove the critics of him right that he can't be a number one on championship team. And if milwaukee doesn't get out of this round there's going to be changes there. Well the old. Dan the only change. You can make those who i would. I would firmly believe that would be the case. I mean they're locked in on this. Ross or the made that holiday deal at last season and that costs them most of their draft capital before they sign holiday to max contract. It's jaanus holiday. Middleton you know dante divas denzil. Being out certainly hurts them. But we can't put this series on that nets far more substantial injuries that they're dealing with but this is this is like this. Is their group in. The bucks are lucky. They've got yata signed that long term extension. But i would not expect boonsert survive a second round defeat crazy. We're talking to. Chris mannix the sports illustrated nba senior writer. Hawks seventy sixers tonight game five. What do you expect. I like philadelphia in this wanted. Me joel embiid was brutally bad in the second half of game. Four over twelve miss that bunny and clearly dead. You can tell that knees bothering him like you watch that. Last play that lasts philadelphia possession. Excellent play call by doc rivers excellent execution by almost everybody gets it because he can't explode off that me. He just muffs a layup at the very end winds up costing them. The game i do expect being at home is going to give philadelphia bounce. Ben simmons did not play well in that game four and beat. of course. i think we'll play a little bit better on his home floor. While i thought the sixers perimeter defense overall was pretty good. I guess atlanta so i think philadelphia wins. That wins this game. Six but man that game four they blew a really big opportunity to potentially get and be three or four extra days. Rest going into a conference finals. That could wind up costing team if not this series in subsequent series where we four. Oh you all in on the clippers. Now now now no i'm not i can't be i. Can't i know no clippers to me. They still look when they flip a switch. I hate using that phrase because it's such a cliche but like they do they flip the switch and they play great. They did it in game three or four against dallas. They did it against three and four against utah. I just told know what to expect from them in a game. Five like wouldn't surprise me if utah without mike. Conley came back and won by fifteen points though. The clippers are just too wildly unpredictable. I mean if you're telling me. Paul george is going to play exactly like that in game. Five schorr all in the clippers but he's unpredictable The frontcourt small lineup. Marcus morris is unpredictable. I just i think the clippers did an unbelievable job of getting back into the series in those two games. But i've still not buying the liberals. Thank you chris. You gotta be sure to catch the live edition of the dan. Patrick show weekdays at nine. Am eastern six am pacific on fox.

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