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Android two now use end to end encryption on all one on one r cs chats previously available in beta. The company also announced that the android earthquake kit system or alert system rather will come to turkey the philippines. 'cause don the kirghiz republic tajikistan turkmenistan. And who's becca stan. Research from mcafee's advanced threat. Research team shows that peleton bike plus and peleton tread exercise equipment containing a vulnerability that would let attackers gain remote control access to the peleton touchscreen that could allow things like malware that intercepts traffic accessing of your personal data even controlling the bike placer dread camera and microphone remotely or recording your workout own. None of those are terrible. But they're probably thinks you don't want mcafee team notes. An attacker would need access to the machines at some point in the supply chain and then have to insert a usb key with a boot image file containing malicious code. That would grant them remote root access and pelivan has issued a patch in the latest version of its firmware. Yesterday we talked about razors gallium nitrate charger for one hundred. Eighty dollars and mentioned that there were similar and also cheaper products one of which is made by wrath power. But if you're looking to compare these products do not go to amazon to do so. A month after amazon removed products from accessory out key and m pow wrath power products have disappeared amazon. Hasn't explained any of these removals except to say that it generally suspend sellers who violate its rules. On sunday. the wall street journal ran a story about power offering gift cards in exchange for reviews which is something that amazon does not allow Germany's fraunhofer institute announced the ibm quantum system. One went online a few weeks ago. The companies first quantum computer built outside of its new york-based data centers. The system uses a twenty-seven cubit falcon processor and german organizations will now be available to arrange monthly contracts to use the computer for research education and training bloomberg sources. Say that sony plans. do you. Samsung led displays on its next generation playstation vr which will be reportedly released for the twenty twenty two holiday season. This comes as many. The our headsets pivoted to lcd's which provide higher resolution at a cheaper cost all right. Well there's all we got from sony this week. We got a little more from microsoft from this week. A little later in the show. But i scott. There's a new opening in new york. Yeah get your tickets ready. I guess if you don't live there or if you lived there just go check it out. Google will be opening. Its first retail store at seventy six ninth avenue new york city. This is on thursday at ten. Am so tomorrow. It's on the first floor of the building. This is the building. Google bought from the chelsea neighborhood for its new york headquarters or in that neighborhood. You'll be able to buy google hardware like pixels nests and fitbit's don't forget. They just bought them as well as get accessories. Not made by. Google like phone cases headphones. That sort of stuff. If you're into google branded merchandise they have t shirts. Hats dog toys in the like in the store will offer tech support for google products and everything from help troubleshooting to repairing a cracked screen For more involved repairs. You can schedule. Drop off and pick up though. Google wants to do as many repair same day as possible And google will take advantage of your visit to show off. Technology like google translate and nightside photos and various spaces and kiosks within the store One of them's dedicated to stadia. So you know you haven't given up on that yet. You check that out and just like apple. There will be instructional events in the store as well. Yeah this the they've done pop up stores before but this is their first permanent location and it reminds me especially that stuff about the kiosks in the go into this dark room to nightside photos and see how amazing it is That reminds me of the experience. Store is there. there's a few of them out there. I went to a samsung location in tokyo. That was not a store they they would help you buy their products online but it was simply five stories of demonstrations of samsung stuff so they had an instagram room where you can take photos with the they made you take a samsung phone with you through it so you could try out a say you know the galaxy phones. You're walking around. They're all kinds of other things. So it looks like google is like we're actually going to sell stuff in the store but we're also going to provide these kinds of experiences and we're going to do a little the apple genius bar stuff and the and the instructional. So it's it's a mix of all of those ideas in one. I wouldn't be surprised if they never open another one. This may be just a tourist attraction of way. Hey when you're in new york. If you're a big fan of the google products by that google store you can get all this cool stuff. I feel like i would go. At least just out of curiosity if i were in the newark neighborhood at some point in the future but yeah i there are plenty of people who are like yeah. Google makes hardware products. Everyone knows that but a lot of people don't or at least they don't think of google as oh that might be the company that i think i decided to buy next. You know flagship smartphone. Kind of thing and sure maybe you go in there because you need some repair stuff on your pixel and while you're there you say oh you know i was wondering about this whole you know nightside thing or you know. My cousin has stadium. Maybe i'll you know while. I'm waiting to pick up. Something i'll i'll i'll give this a whirl. All of that is doesn't really. It's a win win situation for google. You have potential customers learning about stuff that you want to sell them and yeah it's it's a they're there for for google thing. I think they've kind of got. It's like microsoft's stores a little bit. Their companies known for mostly services and software and so people automatically think. I wanna go play with some hardware at a software company but providing this. They're in such a cool location May end up being just a great flagship place for people to go when they're Whether or not they plan on rolling this out like a regular chain i think has got tons of questions attached to it not only as like kind of the retail world's changed a little bit and we don't quite know where it's headed next That's a whole issue. But you know they haven't said so my guess is they're going to make this one store super rod go in there and hang out and i hope it goes well. Formed seems cool. I also feel like because it's part of the sprawling and already existing google campus. Not that they're going to be like secret. Google employees in their writing. Down your every move but it's a great place to kind of have their where you're like. Oh and then real people off the street or in there so you can get a little bit of a sense of what might be gaining traction or what people you know gravity or have questions about early. Yeah no. I was thinking i was thinking. They would use this as a as a bit of data to decide whether they ever went open another permanent location or not. But you're right. It's not even just that it's also like how people use phones and what what catches their eye. They're gonna they're gonna get all kinds of out of that. You're that's so true so true Speaking of a company trying to use your data to make a new product apple has been pushing into health technology as have amazon and google last week at. Www may remember apple announced the ability. Coming in iowa fifteen to send data from your health app to your doctors medical record systems and in fact tuesday mayoclinic announced. It will now support apple's health records feature which is the existing thing where you can connect your health app to the records.

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