A highlight from June 16th: News Roundup HR 2


Air show at northern colorado regional airport in loveland october sixteenth and seventeenth. And what a show. That's going to be seventy eight now. Thirteen ten kfi thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialist studios and tickets. No october seems a ways off right but one of the reasons. I'm telling you about this. This morning is because tickets for the show go on sale next month. The blue angels will be flying their new aircraft. This is the f a eighteen super hornet which they showed off during a logistics planning stopped at the airport in january by the way. This new aircraft is faster and about twenty five percent larger than the f eighteen hornet now blue angels. Of course well known and much loved for their aerobatics type. Formations loops. high-speed passes slow in roles and tight turns. The highest speed ever flown during an air. Show is seven hundred miles per hour. The lovely dare show is part of thirty cities schedule. That started in april in jacksonville florida and ends in november in pensacola florida. Three weeks after coming to northern colorado bream president of the airshow network said in a release. The blue angels are one of the most exciting jet demonstration teams get jets in the country and with their new f. A eighteen super hornets. Sure it is sure to be a

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