A highlight from Chef Deborah VanTrece Talks Global Soul Food

Radio Cherry Bombe


Somewhere down the road all of this is gonna make sense and you're gonna figure out how to put it together and make it make sense. Hey squad welcome to radio. Cherry bomb the show. That's all about women and food. I'm your host kerry diamond coming to you from brooklyn new york. Today's guest is chef. Deborah entries the creative director and owner of twisted soul cookhouse and pours in atlanta georgia. Deborah is also author of the twisted soul cookbook. Modern soul food with global flavors. It's her debut cookbook. And it's all about deborah's very personal take on southern cuisine inspired by the many hats worn life those a flight attendant world traveler mom culinary school student entrepreneur and of course chef. If you are a regular listener you know has been on the show. A few times and i am thrilled to welcome her back. I a little housekeeping. We would love for

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